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Essay Topics For Middle School

Terry Said:

What are good informative essay topics?

We Answered:

im not sure what the guidelines are for your informative essay...but if the essay topic can be on absolutely anything then i have a few suggestions...

1. The two sides of global warming
most people dont really look much into it but yes, there are two sides to global warming and many scientists actually disagree that global warming is a global threat to us. there's several documentaries as well and alot of stuff online.

2. Alternatives to gasoline and how viable they are
nowadays, we hear alot about solar power this and wind power that. there's hybrid cars out now like the toyota prius, honda insight, (and they even recently made an all electric sports car which looks very good and is very fast and also uses no gas). you should also talk about how expensive they are to setup and the drawbacks to them at the moment ot keep the essay unbiased.

3) Illegal immigration and its impact on the economy
the illegal immigration population in this country has grown to such an extent that they are finding ways to legalize it. it would be an interesting paper to see if illegal immigrants are actually hurting or helping the current economy.

good luck

Heidi Said:

what are some good persuasive essay topics for teens?

We Answered:

School uniforms (that's always a big one)
How long a school day is (summer vacation or year round, or starting earlier, ending later)
School policies (for dances or sports that you may not agree with)
Banned books (why not?)
Cell phone use in school

Hope these help!!

Lance Said:

Do you believe there should be cameras in middle school bathroons?

We Answered:

umm hell to the no!

I was taking a piss in the bathroom once and i kinda shook myself a little too much. i was the only person in i dont care.

anyways i came out and notice the security guard standing at her desk with the computer on. the computer had all the cameras showing the whole school, thats her job, she watches.

so i asked her, is there a camera in the bathroom? when she said no...i was like! thank god!

Carl Said:

Persuasive Essay: I can't think of any good topics?

We Answered:

how about convincing people not to smoke cigarettes. there's tons of stuff on how bad they are for you. i was just reading that they acknowledging a third hand smoke, the chemicals that lingers on smokers clothes and in rooms long after the odor is gone. that should be a real easy one.

Jimmie Said:

Is "Should we boycott and/or shutdown KFC?" a good topic for a persuasive essay? (Middle School)?

We Answered:

No. Because it does not tell me why. Why do you want to persuade your audience to boycott? Because it's bad food, fattening, cruelty to animals, old men with a foghorn leghorn look scare you .....?

"Should we boycott and/or shutdown KFC, because of the unethical and inhumane treatment of Chickens?"


"Should we boycott and/or shutdown KFC, because of the impact it is having upon America's health?"

You have to get you audiences' attention with the headline. Don't bore them and leave them wondering what you are going to discuss.

Rhonda Said:

What is a good topic for a middle school essay?

We Answered:

if its any subject then write about something obvious like another country or a big famous building. Make sure you follow the guidlines such as info, thesis, 3 body parts, and a conclusion and it will be around 500 or so words. and try to use as many big words to make the essay look bigger

Mabel Said:

What are some topics for a How-To Essay for Middle School?

We Answered:

I would use a recipe and even bring samples for extra points!

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