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English Lesson Plans Middle School

Laura Said:

A question for all Chinese parents that have/want their children learning English....

We Answered:

I think they would like the idea if it doesn't cut into their regular academics, say if it took place over a summer, because in the end their child will return to the competitive academic world of China, where they have to keep up to secure their futures. They can't afford to get behind. However, many Chinese parents do wish their kids to learn good English, and allowing their children to be submerged in an English environment would be the best way to do that, so I would say they would be receptive to the idea. Thus, the main concern is cost. An average middle class family might have trouble affording this kind of trip. You will have to look into how this budget would work and address it at the same time you propose the idea. In addition, I wonder how you would secure visas for these children? Would the government allow it? As far as I know, the only way to get a visa into the US for minors these days is if you legally adopt them. If they are over 18 years, then can then get a student visa if they are accepted into a university. Other than that, I'm not sure how you would be able to get them entry. However, good idea, and I hope it works out for you.

Eric Said:

Elementary or Middle School?

We Answered:

Well, elementary kids are open minded & aren't that kind of a problem when it comes to teaching although sometimes most teacher students conversations at this level would be one sided & not mutual at the same time.

As for Middle school kids, they're a tough crowd believe
They say that teenage rebellion begins at high school what most teachers & parents don't understand that they develop it at middle school but sometimes in middle school teacher-students bonding is actually mutual & essential at that level.

Believe me, I speak from experience...

Steve Said:

How much flexibility is in teaching?

We Answered:

I can't speak for middle school, but I can speak for high school and there is little to no wiggle room. Unfortunately, the state frameworks allow for little professionalism anymore. You have to teach what they mandate or students don't perform well on end of course tests.

Adam Said:

Texas teachers: how much autonomy do you feel you have in your classroom?

We Answered:

These are legitimate questions and you certainly need to know the answers ahead of time. You need to ask these questions of your hiring principal during your pre-hiring interview. Also you need to ask your immediate supervisor, usually the dept. head. I hope you do not change your mind about going into teaching in public schools. Needless to say, it is a very difficult career choice today. Teachers are not the highly respected role models they once were, maybe 40 years ago. Public teaching has become highly political, largely due to the state testing requirements and the trickle-down pressures that result. Some districts have "teacher friendly" administrators, and some do not. You want to choose a district where you know your administrators will stand behind you and treat you like a human being. Usually, in good districts, teacher creativity is a very definite plus. You will probably have to organize your lesson plans within a pre-set curriculum guide. I think in most schools, teachers who teach a common course have to stay on the same page. (i.e. all 10th grade English teachers must teach Julius Caesar in the 2nd 6-weeks) But most schools would allow and welcome individual approaches from creative teachers. Avoid schools where teachers are required to teach only to "The Test." Good luck to you.

Wayne Said:

What are some ideas to help teach English to middle school aged Chinese students?

We Answered:

Use the skills and techniques you learned during your TESL course! That's why you took it! Do you plan all your lessons in advance? You should. Do you understand the specific areas where your students need to grow as English speakers? You should. Consider following this model (AIM-LP)

Activation - a diagnostic task/activity to see how much of the target language they already know

Input Model - a sample of the target language used in context (either oral or written) that they can refer to in the next step

Language Focus - two activities that focus on the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language. Start with a more closed activity (like matching or a gap-fill) and move to a more open activity (writing their own sentences or giving a brief speech using the target language based on parameters that you set)

Production - a task that replicates a real-world situation where the target language would be used (writing a postcard, acting out a shopping scene, writing a resume and rehearsing a job interview, giving directions based on a map, etc.)

Go in with a plan for the day and stick to it! Don't let your students push you around!

Discuss It!

preparation for an interview said:

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