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Elementary Middle School

Morris Said:

How much time do elementary and middle school principals get off?

We Answered:

I am sure it will vary from place to place..

Where I am located a principal gets off all the same days a teacher does during the school year. However, they do work during the summer and get the whole month of July off.

Katrina Said:

What is Worst Elementary, Middle, high school, or Collage?

We Answered:

Im only in the middle of middle lmao :)

But the worst is middle because you have a butt load of 12 year olds thinking they are 17! Its like hell!

Andrea Said:

Do you think kids are meaner in high school or meaner in middle school/elementary school? why?

We Answered:

Middle school. If your not a part of the "in" crowd, they can be down right mean. Usually by high school they have grown up and matured a little more and aren't as mean.

Edit: Plus in middle school everyone's hormones are raging out of control and that can contribute to the meanness.

Lydia Said:

Male Teachers at the Elementary, Middle and High School Level?

We Answered:

Do you mean nationwide or in a specific state?

Dean Said:

Elementary middle and high school cut off points ?

We Answered:

Elementary school is grades 1-5 (ages 6-10)

Middle school is grades 6-8 (ages 11-13)

High school is grades 9-12 or Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior,
(ages 14-17)

College entrance exams usually begin in the 3rd year of High school, and continue thru the 4th year.

Typically, public universities ask for the ACT test (American College Testing). Private universities ask for the SAT test (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Hope this helps.

Johnnie Said:

How much should I charge for elementary-middle school tutoring?

We Answered:

I think $10-15 is pretty fair for about an hour of tutoring. Most friends I know make about $20/hour and they're experienced. If you're not sure how much, try to advertise yourself as flexible with payment and negotiate pay with your client. Even if it isn't a lot of money, you can get raises and when you stop tutoring that kid, and you were a good tutor, you have a reference to turn to! :D

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