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Eisenhower Middle School

Philip Said:

do you think eisenhower middle schools teachers are bad influences to our children?

We Answered:

only the english teachers...they obviously didn't teach you anything...

Maxine Said:

what are some discribing word for a school bell?

We Answered:

That would be an annoying bell if it beeped and it would be contradicting the definition of a bell, a bell is suppose to ring. If it beeped then you could not call it a bell.

Andre Said:

how much does it cost when you lose a school library book?

We Answered:

you should just have to pay for the cost of the book.

ideally, you should buy a new copy of the same book and give it to them. then they can't really complain.

Ashley Said:

Who Am I ?

We Answered:

you're xtimisx

Margaret Said:

is there any kids from Eisenhower elementry here?

We Answered:

I hope not with the poor grammar and spelling you are displaying. You should have wrote "Are there any children from Eisenhower Elementary here?" Not "is there". You also should have spelled Elementary correctly.

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