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Educational Games For Middle School

Wayne Said:

Where can I find online flash games for in class educational use?

We Answered:

Here are a few choices:…
(4 mini games in one, including simple mathematics)…
(includes the solving of riddles)…
(protect the weak child)
(use your brain to get the beany across)…
(spelling game)
(several educational games for children from 3-12)

..and there is also Homdor:

however that is quite a bit more than just a game. It's a Flash world, about art, literature, psychology, spirituality,... lots of good stuff!
That might be a bit too complex for a class though, not sure.
Let me know. :)

Pamela Said:

Does anyone know the name of this 90's educational computer game?

We Answered:

Lol I used to play this at school - I think it's called Super Solvers Spellbound.

Luis Said:

Dont feel my princess is getting enough education at this mediocre play school?

We Answered:

Oh, how I love you socialists.

Norman Said:

How can I teach 865 kids to speak English?

We Answered:

Well, separate the smart ones from the stupid ones, and teach from that, You can't teach 865 kids at one time.

Patsy Said:

best nintendo ds games to increase knowledge, make kids smarter?

We Answered:

Brain Age (lot's of stuff)
Personal Trainer Math (Math only)
Personal Trainer Cooking (Cooking only)

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