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Curriculum For Middle School

William Said:

What is the difference between British school curriculum and American?

We Answered:

better or worse than what?

If they are going to grow up and live in the UK in the long run, then sending them to an American school in the UK (assuming you could find one) would be expensive and lead them to qualifications which might not be widely accepted in the UK.

The British school system involves greater specialisation than the US system, and is more heavily based on formal assessment. There are two sets of important exams - GCSEs at age 16 and (if you continue in academic education) A levels at 18. Typically students have some choice of subjects at GCSE and free choice at A level. Both GCSEs and A levels are qualifications in a particular subject - English, Physics, History etc.

University in the UK is very different from the US system. Undergraduate degrees are devoted to particular subjects, and typically last only three years - there are no majors or minors. However, professional degrees such as accountancy, law and medicine are availible at undergraduate level. University education in the UK is subsidized by the government, and therefore much cheaper than in the US. At the moment...

The differences it the subject matter taught may be significant - obviously history (at the level your kids will be at, at least) concentrates on English history, literature studied is principally british literature.

Whether or not british schools are as good as the ones where you live depends on where you are now, and where you will be in the UK. Careful research of schools in the area you're moving to is a good idea. If you're disatisfied with the local state schools, there are private schools.

Marilyn Said:

Would you say that this is a good math curriculum for middle school?

We Answered:

Being a former seventh grade student, some of your units are on key but, not so much. The reason I say this is because in your first Unit you have all the stuff that I learned in the 8th and 9th grade except for scientific notation(that was my favorite!), Unit two is good except for "applications of geometry"; besides teaching them how tell time with a sun dial, try pythagorean theorem i remember learning that and feeling like a high school student. And Unit three I must say is on TARGET! Everything in that unit is in the recommended order, because you start off with the basics, teaching how to write algabraic equations, then word problems(I did not like those and still don't), and then inqualities get them ready for the next level, which would probably be either Algebra I or Pre-Algebra.

Natalie Said:

My daughter is thinking about joining a middle school that uses Cambridge program. What is Cambridge program? ?

We Answered:

the Cambridge system is is a more European style education... Your daughter will be in for little "shock" as the level is rather high compared to any normal American mid. schools. however if she does join after 2 months he should have adapted well enough to the study habits and testing schemes (which works by quarters and semester rather than by units like the American system). Performing well in Cambridge programmed schools will really open doors to good colleges providing that she completes her secondary studies in the same program. So it really is up to you both to decide on whether or not she is read to make that extra 30 minutes of homework.
By the way Cambridge is quite similar to IB in fact recognition of both is the same and if she feels like going to IB school the year after she wont have lost a thing!

PS: Make sure the school is properly accredited and not just an expensive and useless school...

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