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Cupertino Middle School

Ashley Said:

Where should i live in the following towns near San Francisco??

We Answered:

I know a good place, but there are only 499 Koreans there. Also, there are black people, too. So I don't think you'd like it.

You should move to Pleasanton. That's where the rest of your kind goes. You know, the kind who have an amazing used bookstore with first editions a couple blocks away, but still drive a couple miles in their SUV to Borders instead. That kind. You'll fit right in.

You'll fit right in so well that, on the occasion you actually come into San Francisco, people won't even be able to tell you apart from the rest of the "bridge and tunnel" folk coming into the city in their giant cars who don't seem to understand basic traffic laws (like stopping for pedestrians at stop signs, signaling before changing lanes, etc...), and you'll be made fun of just like the rest. We're very diplomatic here.

You'd also probably like Cupertino... but *those* people never really come here - they stick to San Jose, usually.

btw... the East Bay is hit or miss in terms of safety. It has many safe areas. It also has 2 cities with some of the highest crime rates in the entire country (Oakland and Richmond, which Berkeley is right inbetween).

note: the pissiness wouldn't have come out if not for your last comment... wtf???!!!

Marion Said:

Is this article okay? Does it need to be edited?

We Answered:

i think it is really good!!

Theresa Said:

A nearly-all Asian high school?

We Answered:

I'm asian and I go to school in hawaii. I would say there's about 95% of asians, 2% black people, and 3% white people.

Janet Said:

Which clique would I seem to belong to?

We Answered:

You just seem like the typical teenager so you'd probably fit in with MEEEE AND MY FRIENDS!! LOL. Nah, I guess you'd get along with the majority of people? That's if you're not shy. ^^ You'll end up hanging out with people with the same interests as you. By the sounds of it, that's any group, really. Well, except for like.. the Emos, Jocks, Preps or whatever you Americans use to classify yourselves with O_O;
But that's a good thing. I'd hate to "belong" to a 'group', because then you're just limiting yourself to a few people. :)
I know what it's like to be the new kid. Just be yourself and things'll be fine. Good luck at your new school. ^^

Caroline Said:

What was Cupertino Middle School in California like 50 years ago?

We Answered:

Try u find the answer!Gd Luck!

Connie Said:

What geometry textbook does Sam H. Lawson Middle School in Cupertino, CA use?

We Answered:

how are we supposed to know????????

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