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Creighton Middle School

Lawrence Said:

What are my chances of playing Division 1 Baseball?

We Answered:

you should have no problem getting into division 1. Just be sure to score well on the ACT or SAT

Jerry Said:

For The First Time I am Worried?

We Answered:

Your only in the 7th grade..YOU have PLENTY of time left..Colleges don't care about your middle school grades...The hardly care about your High School Grades now a days.. You should still work hard like you are doing and take all of them smarts to High school..That's where it really counts...and don't be worried, like i said before your only in middle school..

Bobby Said:

GI Bill question. Nice 10 point reward for the best answer!?

We Answered:

When you apply for your GI Bill you must state an educational goal (i.e. Master of Law; Bachelor of Linguistics) As long as your classes fall within that goal then you will receive money from your GI Bill. You will continue to receive money from the GI Bill until your funds are exhausted. If you have no prior college then your GI bill will pay you for 36 months of college (when you take summer vacation into consideration this equals four years of college, as you will not receive anything during summer vacation).

Regina Said:

College Decision: LSU or Creighton University?

We Answered:

well since I'm from La and never heard of Creighton I'd vote


but you don't say what your major is and just be warned LSU is an easy place to party too much especially around football season.

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