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Cope Middle School

Ashley Said:

Who goes to Cope Middle School?

We Answered:


I do haha.

I'm in 8th and I have Mr. B


I'm actually kidding I don't go there.

Brian Said:

Next year in middle school i wont hav friends!?

We Answered:

Assuming you will just be starting middle school, you will likely make new friends. As someone said many middle schools are the combinations of about 3 or 4 Elementary schools. I know it can be scary going into a new school and your close friends aren’t with you. When I started middle school my best friend at the time, went to another middle school. She had to because she had moved in with her Aunt and Uncle during 5th grade and they were in another district. Though she finished up at our grade school she had to go to the middle school in their district.

When you start middle school get involved in some school clubs or groups that interest you, that would be a good way to make new friends. Or even start talking to some people in your classes it could lead to a friendship.

Just remember you probably wouldn’t be the only one, I’m sure there will be some new kids who have moved there over the summer and don’t know anyone at all or even someone in your same situation where their close friends are going to different middle schools.

I would try and and let it worry you for now since i assume you wouldn’t be starting middle school till sometime in August or even September.

Jay Said:

Are you alone/have no friends in school? If so, how do you cope with it?

We Answered:

Ok, let me tell you something first off, there is NOTHING wrong with you.
These freinds of not worth it.
Honey I know it feels like all the hope has vanished but let me tell you a little about myself and maybe you will feel better.
I'm only a grade above you.
I have friends, yes, but when I was in Middle School I used to get made fun of sometimes. Mostly because I was quiet.
But then its a whole new year, and it sounds cheesy, but I kinda changed a lot.
You have to realize you cant let people control you life. Just by LETTING them make fun of you is going to horrible stuff to your self esteem and believe me, I know at this point you feel hopeless, but I know eventually things will get better.
I know the last thing you want to do right now is talk to people, but please, do it. You might think that striking up a conversation is scary. But did you know conversation in one's life is the key to happiness?
All you have to do is start out fresh. Make little conversation, then get to know people.
Lastly, do not get your hopes down and let people take advatage of you. People like that are S.H.I.T and don't deserve to have someone like you bow down to them.
If you still have questions, feel free to email me. I garentee you I would want to be freinds with someone like you. Labeling people is not my thing.

Elaine Said:

OK how do i cope with middle school 7th grade?

We Answered:

Get involved in as many things as you can handle. It will introduce you to a variety of people. Cheerleading in 7th grade is much different than high school. It's a good opportunity to see if its something you want to do later on so try it out if you are interested.

Grace Said:

how do i cope in middle school?!?

We Answered:

try out for a sport or band not only do you have to keep your grades up you will be around more people that likes the same things you do i hope this will help you

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