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Challenger Middle School

Jamie Said:

Anyone from Challenger Middle School In Tucson?

We Answered:

that's too much info on the internet there are creeps here!

Paul Said:

Should I accept this offer from the 2nd best charter school in the U.S.?

We Answered:

is there on campus living? or is it just like a regular high school not a boarding school?

Arlene Said:

If you have a recommendation from a teacher for like an honors u get in?

We Answered:

If you have the grades, the recommendations, and the attendance to meet the requirements, you'll get in.

Tanya Said:

Why do these things happen to me!?

We Answered:

go non violent. It's the only way. You've made it 9 months so far and you should be proud of that. Things will change. Stick with it and you will be okay.

Ian Said:

Looking for online yearbooks.?

We Answered:

Here are a couple sites for you.…

Ella Said:

1986 camaro, repairs to do and upgrades?

We Answered:

800 hp you will have 5-10 grand in a motor not including everything else that needs will also need a expensive tranny that will hold that much can build a 383 stroker cheap and make 450-500 hp for not alot of money 3-5,000.

Violet Said:

ages between 50 and 80 please answer my questions?

We Answered:

way too many questions to answer all at once for this tired old gal

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