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Burbank Middle School

Susan Said:

Is Academia Avance a church school?

We Answered:

Their website says nothing about being a church school. Click on the link below.

Laurie Said:

I am writing a book-- please tell me if its good or bad so far!!?

We Answered:

That's really good. But you used a lot of I's try something different & check your spelling. Specify where this is Obbibure that would help the reader get a better visual on it.
I wish you had more room to type.

Mary Said:

What is the gym close to burbank middle school,for gymnastics ect. called ?? Its in Houston Tx.?

We Answered:

There is more than one.

Go to Google Maps

Copy & paste the info below & search:

gymnastics loc: 315 Berry Rd, Houston, TX 77022 (Burbank Middle School)

Tanya Said:

Do you know who Alain Carnero is, from cuba, and Burbank Ca?

We Answered:

No, I don't. Very intriguing question.

Erica Said:

Who goes to Luther Burbank Middle School?

We Answered:

i do im in 8th grade there. :)
Whats ur name?

Daniel Said:

Who goes to luther burbank middle school Question part 2?

We Answered:

What is your question?

Erica Said:

How do you become an actress?

We Answered:

start small ... if you want to get some critiquing done to your acting then take some film classes. Also take a few hip-hop and pop vocal lessons.

after a few years of training look for auditions for extras and parts in student films.

In collage major in film acting and minor in a solid paying field

after collage start getting head-shots and look for an agent :) good luck dear!

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