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Brown Middle School

Emma Said:

Does anyone go to BROWN MIDDLE SCHOOL?

We Answered:


Curtis Said:

Do you think I could wear eyeliner in middle school?

We Answered:

okay so im in 8th grade :) and yes, everyone wears eyeliner in middle school (well almost). i suggest if u have darker eyes like brown eyes u should wear black , but if u have lighter eyes like blue,green, ect. u shud wear brown because black might look to dark for those colors :)))

Darryl Said:

Do you go to Lucille M. Brown Middle School?

We Answered:

The answer to your question is no...but this is a far-fetched shot. Chances of finding someone going to this school on Answers is unlikely. Call a classmate/teacher.

Peter Said:

What do I wear with dark brown Hollister pants? MIDDLE SCHOOL?

We Answered:

Do you have a tank top you could wear with it... like not a plain one... but like a cute one like... something like this:…

Do you get where i'm going with this???

Or if you live in a colder area... you could wear a sweater...

I'd say whatever top you're going with, stick to neutral colors... like cream and white look nice with brown...

although (depending on the shade) a rich dark blue might look nice too...

or like a light green...

but mostly creams in my opinion

Deanna Said:

dose any one go to brown middle school?

We Answered:

yeah,me....r u a teacher there?!

Bessie Said:

Will my daughter get in if i let her get blonde and red and light brown highlights in middle school?

We Answered:

it depends on the school districts rules on hair colors. check the student handbook. The school I went to only allowed us to dye our hair colors that were natural, so really it shouldn't be a problem because the blonde, red, and brown that ur talking about is all natural. So you should just let her do it anyway and if they have a problem, just say sorry but thats her natural highlights !! lol cuz i mean it can be true .. I have natural red highlights in the back and natural blonde high lights in the front. sounds stupid but its true

Barry Said:

We Have A Dance This Friday {Middle School Dance} How Should I FIx My Hair???its brown and medium length??????

We Answered:

Hey! I think you should curl your hair to make waves so that it looks like you did something with your hair..but not too girly
[but don't make it too curly..only wavy]

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