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Articles For Middle School Students

Raymond Said:

Autism and middle school? Inclusion question?

We Answered:

One of the best things that you can do is to contact and collaborate with the intended middle school staff. Try to dove tail their curriculum into yours. They'll love you for it and the parents will appreciate your working together as a unit for the benefit of the children.

Jane Said:

what are some good feature article topics for a middle school student that someone would actually read?

We Answered:

"Slap you silly" - that's not funny, Kylie, and that is also your topic: Violence. Write an article about kid-on-kid violence or parent-on-kid violence. It's out there. Folk don't like to talk about it, but they sure won't fall asleep reading it.
Work on that spelling, too, girl. Peace and love.

Sonia Said:

Articles for 6th-8th grade--Middle School?

We Answered:

Try TIME magazine for kids.…

Unfortunately the highest level is 6th grade . If I were you I'd purchase the magazine, photocopy the article that you feel most passionate about, and go over it with them for 10 minutes and have them read it on their own.

Kathleen Said:

I am looking for an article that on May 17, a group of A.D. Oliver Middle School students met with Congressman

We Answered:

It is very difficult, and sometimes costly, to find archived newspapers online. I would suggest going down to the local library and browsing through their archives. Most libraries have newspapers, both local and national, archived there.

Charlotte Said:

do you think that this is to much work for middle school students that are going into 7th grade?

We Answered:

Wow, that does seem like a lot for someone whose only in middle school. I don't remember doing that much for summer reading in middle school. I had to read four books for AP Language, and that was in 11th grade. We didn't have any questions to answer, but the course was really rigorous. Well, just think of it this way- you'll come out of middle school well prepared for high school. It's no fun to struggle in high school, trust me. One day, you'll look back and appreciate the hard work you've done.

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