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Art Projects For Middle School

Jimmie Said:

Looking for an art project for middle school special education students.?

We Answered:

My students loved this project a while back. First examine some prints of landscapes. Point out that objects that are closest to you are larger than the ones further away. Allow the students to cut out 4-8 pictures they might find in a landscape. Assist them to arrange the pictures on a piece of paper. Help them draw, paint, or stamp in extras to make it their own. Stamps of wildlife (bunny, butterfly, etc) work well and are easy to create a scene with. The project requires several hours to do - maybe two or three, but it teaches alot about art, preception and sorting out indoor vs. outdoor items. Lots of opportunity for language growth. Very relaxing work. Great for a Thursday Friday project before a holiday.

If you are looking for something more simple. Kids always love paint stamps. Many times you can pick up a pack of small from Michael's for less than $3 or $4 and they will last a couple of years.

Sherri Said:

How do you make kinetic art? The picture is folded and you see 2 different images depending on the angle.?

We Answered:

If you can imagine a row of Toblerones all joined together - your put one image on one side and another image on the second side and as you move along your images will change!

Johnnie Said:

Art projects for middle school students:?

We Answered:

Hi. I did this Mosaic art with the girls in my daughter's school. Using plain white sticker labels, preferably 2cm x 2cm. Usually comes in standard size a sheet. The girls will draw or paint (permanent markers or acrylic paint) anything they want on the whole sheet of label (e.g. cartoons, flowers, air plane etc, or even design every cube individually - quilt design) be sure that there's a background colour. When you are done designing, transfer the stickers over to a hard cardboard. It's fun & you'll see how creative they can be & it doesn't cost much.

Amanda Said:

need simple art projects for middle schools students 7th & 8th grade?

We Answered:

Have them all divide into groups and take off one shoe. Then stack the shoes however they want to into a tower. Then have them to draw the stack of shoes.

Claudia Said:

How was Van Gogh inspired to become an artist?

We Answered:

It is a misconception that artists are inspired by anything in particular. Oh, sure they are inspired to pick up a pencil and start drawing but to point at something or someone that actually made them draw is impossible.

Most artists just started to draw and just never stopped. This above all is true about Vincent van Gogh. His brother Theo write about Vincent as a person he could not remember seeing without a pencil or a brush.

For lack of a better word it is true inspiration. Touched by the spirit that is art.

And like I stated in a thesis I wrote in art school:
"If I don't paint I go mad.
If I DO paint i go mad.
But than I am an artist and people expect me to."

Jo Said:

where can i find stuff on middle age art?

We Answered:

The Middle Ages was a long period of time. Just art? Architecture as well as other aspects? I hope you find these sources helpful.…………………

This might help as a broad overview…

Justin Said:

Does anybody have a good mystery idea for a middle school student for an Language Arts Project?

We Answered:

do a murder mystery in the class,,,

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