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Art Lessons For Middle School

Marion Said:

Does a typical middle school do this?

We Answered:

Yes, sounds pretty typical. I go to middle school in Iowa, and Prettymuch the same thing. At the bbeginningof our day, though, we have a whole period of "home room," which lasts 40 minutes. During that time, some people do have band, so there's a purpose for it, at least at our school. One difference I do see is that my home work normally takes longer than 30 minutes. Mine probably takes atleast an hour and then I read my AR -- or Accelerated Reader-- book for probably 30 -40 minutes. Another differences is what you call your "choice class." In the first trimester, we have PE on day A, then Comp. and day B. In the second trimester we have PE on day A and Life Choices on day B. Also, in tri one we have indust. tech each day. In try 2 we have art each day, and in tri 3 we have communications each day..


Seth Said:

What should I get my private lesson teacher/past band director as a gift?

We Answered:

you could dress up and have someone take a picture of you playing. then you can mat and frame it. You might already have a cool picture of you playing in some concert or show or something. that would be good. maybe write a 'Thank You for your Dedication' thing or something under the picture on the mat.
imo use a black mat and write in silver pen. it would look professional and be inexpensive and i dont think it would be weird. i would be proud to get a gift like that from one of my students.

Pamela Said:

ATTN: Middle School Language Teachers... What are some of your favorite lessons?

We Answered:

This is an activity you have to be careful with, but it can be a lot of fun. Everyone gets a sheet of paper in class. You write a word on the chalkboard which is supposed to start the first line on their paper. Each student does this, but they also write one or two words on the next line and end with a period. Now all students pass a paper to the person in front of them so each person has a different paper. You allow them to finish the second line and to also start the third line. The students again pass papers. You continue this process until all students have a complete page. Students should at the very beginning be given the ground rules... you can be funny, but no names of anyone in the class (or school) can be used... no vulgarity... etc. you know from experience what I mean. At the end of the activity, take time to read a few aloud to the class (I'd avoid using a student, because if something is inappropriate it will be heard by all... if you read, you can control what's said). From time to time, pull one out and read it, perhaps near the end of a class period. I've found that students are very attentive and enjoy hearing the "strange paper" with many authors. Enjoy, and have a good year :)

Daniel Said:

What can I get my private music lesson teacher/past band director as a gift?

We Answered:

Well, make sure it isn't something music-themed, like mugs or notepads or tote-bags, because they get tons of that stuff...I always baked cookies for my favorite teachers...but my kids give things like gift certificates to the movies, restaurants, book stores or something that the teacher can use for herself or her family.

My friend is a band teacher and she also gives lessons, and some of those late nights at school make it hard for her to cook dinner at times...she loves gift certificates to buy some take-out.

Also, one of the nicest things you can give her is a hand-written note card or letter in which you express your thanks and me, she will have that card until she dies...teachers love things like that most of all!

You're a good person to be so thoughtful of your teacher...I'm sure she appreciates you as well.

Lois Said:

I will teach Art to visually impared students, any suggestions for lessons?

We Answered:

One project I know is usually a hit with visually impaired student artists is doing a "texture painting." Rather than focusing on color to express the painting, use textures. A tree would be rough and flaky, use sand for, well, sand, etc. Have smooth, rough, prickly, soft, etc. textured materials available, along with finger paints of different consistency, glues, etc. Don't forget, when grading, to first talk to them about the images and feelings they were trying to express, then closing your eyes and touching their work to "see" what they did.

Sculpture with visually impaired students is the "old standby," like drawing is with visually normal students.

Draw in all the other four senses. Have the students express themselves through scents (create potpourri satchets, fresh flower arrangements, fruit bowl arrangements, etc. but be careful using artificial scents like scented markers, which can sometimes offend sensitive noses), taste (do flavor candy dipping or another cooking project), and touch (as noted above). Have them link two or more senses together, for instance creating a sculpture inspired by music you've brought in for them to listen to.

Have fun!

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