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Art Lesson Plans Middle School

Jay Said:

Creating lesson plans for a thematic unit?

We Answered:


here is a site you could use
click on this link…

in here look down and look at the olympism learning kit, looks good.

I use this search engine which is a clustered site.
i typed in the search bar olympic games 2008 lesson plans. this is what it came up with in the clustered bar. So go to and check it out for yourself, by just typing in your question/keywords or subject. The numbers that are bracketed are how many sites there are.
All Results (149)
+Education (25)
+China (24)
+Resources, Teachers (19)
+Beijing Olympic Games (11)
+History, Ancient (10)
+Olympic Committee (8)
+Competition (8)
+Thematic Units (5)
+Olympics 2000 Links and Lesson Plans (7)
+Canadian Olympic School Program (6)
+Coloring (5)
·Olympic Winter (7)
·Team (5)
·BOYCOTT, 2008 Olympic Games In Beijing (4)
+Gateway to the Summer Games (5)
·Olympic Park (3)
·Activities And Lesson Plan Ideas, Campaign Lesson Plans (2)
·Olympic Dreams (3)
·ESL, Summer Olympic Games 2008 (4)
·Human (2)

i clicked on the thematic unit and this looks great…

well this search engine is great for anything.

Heidi Said:

What to expect my first year of teaching?

We Answered:

You will be very busy your first year, and even the second. It does gets easier, though. My first few years, I would work 12 hour days, as well as at least one day on the weekend. However, you get better at streamlining your planning, and at minimizing the amount of marking you have to do. I now arrive about one hour before school, and I usually leave around 5:00. I rarely take work home, and I work about a 1/2 day on the weekend, but only once per month. Remember, you don't have to mark everything.

As far as lesson plans go, I very rarely do them anymore. They are important when you are learning to teach because they help you think through the lesson so that you hit the key ideas. However, you will find that after a while, they become redundant. I will do a lesson plan for very difficult, new lessons, or when I am being observed, but other than that, I don't do them. Also, just so you know, my first lesson plans took me hours to do, but now I can do one in about 15 minutes. Set up a template that you can use. It makes a big difference!

I teach Elementary, and this year I have a very difficult class. I spend the most time communicating with the parents. I highly recommend setting up emailing lists for your class (or each class) so that you can easily communicate with parents. It is much easier than calling. If you call, you inevitably get sucked into talking about other things than your purpose for calling. In an email, you only communicate about the specific thing you need to tell the parent. The other thing about email is that you then have a record of your communication, and so a parent can never come back to you and say that you did not tell them something.

Teaching is not for everyone, but it is highly rewarding. I suggest giving it a try. However, if you do decide it's not for you, it's not too late to back out. Teaching skills are transferrable to many things.

I hope I helped! Good luck!

Leonard Said:

Any ideas for a 5-minute lesson plan?

We Answered:

5 minutes, that's short.
How about mixing colors with water or icing.
Like: red and blue makes purple
red and yellow makes orange, etc.
I've taught it to my 1st graders both ways. They especially liked the icing because they could eat it. (after they showed me how to make all the colors that I instructed them to make.)
I just bought white icing and used food coloring. Each child had a paper plate with little dabs of each primary color to begin. They love it! Good luck! Teaching is awesome!

Delores Said:

I need help with my art class :)?

We Answered:

A. I'm a high school student if you want me to get excited about art (and because of my lack of artsy-ness, I'm not really excited for art) then you should make good posters (colourful, informative, and well [but not over] decorated). I'd also be interested if there was a good activity in it like example for an art class, it would be nice if they'd go to a field trip to the museum or go to the park and paint/draw/photograph scenes there. You know, you have to think of an exciting activity that can really get the kids excited and looking forward to class.

B. Lesson much experience there but from what my cousin (who is a professor at a university) says, you need a list of objectives, reminders, guidelines, and basically a what to do. For objectives, what do you WANT your class to achieve? Maybe it can be to "paint a picture of a fruit bowl" or something like that. Like; "by the end of this period/session, this class has to successfully paint a fruit bowl" (sounds lame, but you can do better). Then reminders, what kind of reminders would you give your class? "Guys, remember to bring newspaper for next week's lesson" or "Guys, remember if you need to colour blend, go in circular motions with your colouring pencils". Guidelines are like how-to's for YOU and your students. Most of my teachers cheat from their lesson plan when they teach us.


Mabel Said:

How do I stop other teachers from freeloading?

We Answered:

Do like another poster said and explain the situation (though maybe a little more diplomatically than she suggested.) And when the inevitable happens and someone asks or sends a student to ask, tell them, with a sad face, "I'm so sorry. I don't have any to spare. I'm really sorry."

This has the benefit of being true, basically.

Adrian Said:

Is this beginning intriguing/ does it sound too feminine?

We Answered:

I don't think it is too feminine at all! I really enjoyed it!
It did captivate me. I would definitely keep reading.
The only thing is I think you made a typo with "inhuman paste"
But other than that good job, I really like it!

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