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Arnold Middle School

Angela Said:

the arnold middle school supplies are $40 preordered, but how mch whould it cost at target or wal-mart?

We Answered:

they would likely cost much less if you went to a discount store like Wal-mart or target and bought them yourself

Hilda Said:

Why do they do this in animated series?

We Answered:

In point of fact, if these characters acted their age, they would not
be interesting to watch, and the show would go down the tubes
in no time flat.
Add to this the fact that the creators and writers of these shows
are adults themselves, and have no memory or interest in that
time of their own lives.
TV is today's number one propaganda tool. I believed in a lot of
garbage that spewed out of the tube because I was too young to
know better. This is why parents need to take an active interest
in what their kids watch.

Greg Said:

What are the similiarities between "Amnesty John" McCain and Benedict Arnold?

We Answered:

Benedict Arnold was a traitor. "Amnesty John" McCain is a decorated POW with Presidential aspirations. I would say he is trying to broaden his appeal for 2008. I don't see "Amnesty John" McCain getting past the convention as the Presidential candidate, maybe Vice-President.
Thank you for your service.

Dave Said:

Does anyone have Mr. Garside as a IPC teacher in Arnold Middle School?

We Answered:

nope im in highschool

Katie Said:

van halen is not only for old people.[[i admire them alot]]?

We Answered:

I don't know who assumes that, I mean all the people I know are Van Halen fan's! I love them and I remember when I heard them for the first time. My friend gave me their 1st. Album and said, "Check this out, this will blow your door's off!" Lol! It was the greatest thing I ever heard. We all listened to them as teenagers and in school, they have been around awhile and have alot of older fan's ,that's all. I think it's AWESOME that you like the same stuff as your mom. I had 5 older brother and sister's and they all listened to different stuff so I got alot of great music out of it : ) You listen to whoever you want to listen too! I'm old enough to be your mom and I listen to Metal and people think that's odd sometimes ,but I'm not going to give up music that makes me so happy just to please other's right? Besides it's what I grew up with ya know? I always see teenagers with Van Halen shirts and (Stone's, Led Zeppelin,Metallica etc) and I use to go to their concerts and so I think it's cool...Van Halen is great and I hope you continue to enjoy them : ) Mom too ...

Regina Said:

Have you ever had Ms. Van Huss at Arnold Middle School?

We Answered:

No never. What have I missed?

Elsie Said:

he knows that i like him now cuz i told him and i poured my heart out doing it.what should i do now?

We Answered:

The best advice is to invite him over to your house and lock your room door pull off your pants and suck his pennis, than sit on his face and let your vagina aroma get in his mouth and nose than lay on your back and give him some pussssie, trust me he will then be yours

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