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Ames Middle School

Terrance Said:

middle school student. (or soon to be) hehe!?

We Answered:

im glad that you are excited! you are gonna need that energy about 2 weeks after school starts. most kids are begging for more time. . . . id say just make each day count and have a blast. hang out with friends. go swimming. be crazy. wrap someones house. go to a movie. have a sleepover with some of your friends. sell cookies and lemonade on the street one day. whatever floats your boat. just have fun while you can!!

Elizabeth Said:

caint wait for school?

We Answered:

if ur goin to sixth grade, ur still in elementary. im goin to seventh grade, that makes me a middle schooler. since ur going to sixth grade, it makes u a person that no one can boss around. go hang out with ur friends for a very long time and since your having fun, you wont even notice the time.

Francisco Said:

surviving middle school?

We Answered:

iM IN SIXTH GRADE RIGHT NOW1 IF U ARE OR WERE POPULAR IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YOU WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM ! I WAS THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS {sry bout the caps!} i knew no1 in my pod! i was so worried that was the way it would be like throughout the year! but i made so many friends i dont know if there is one person in my pod that i dont know and that they doesnt know me!
GOODLUCK! trust me its not that scary!!

Wayne Said:

how to be poular?

We Answered:

Rule one: don't talk too much. Less history, more mystery. Be polite to everybody, including the weirdos. But not too polite.

Rule two: don't ever let anybody know that what anybody says bothers you in any way.

Rule three: have "outside" hobbies or activities that you do on your own.

Rule four: dress nice, but don't imitate any one person or group of person's fashion. Don't be a stereotype, you know, jock, goth, prep, etc.

Rule five: don't care about being cool. If you can't help caring, don't let on to anybody that you actually care. Don't say, "I don't care about being cool," people will know that you do care. Just relax.

Rule six: don't build yourself up by tearing other people down, it's not classy. Don't say anything negative about the weirdos or the other popular kids. Don't be a fashion critic. Don't even talk trash about the teachers.

Rule seven: become well read. Read a lot of books, and do well in school. Be the "Stealth A" student, as in; don't raise your hand in class much, and don't tell people your grades.

Leslie Said:

this is a really big step in my life and i need help with it., could u help?

We Answered:

its just a normal school. go to it to be with your friends. and once your there middle school is not scary at all. its way better.

Irma Said:

surviving middle school tips?

We Answered:

it is ok. Just be yourself. i'm in 7th you can email if you want [email protected] or [email protected]

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