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Allen Middle School

Byron Said:

I want to see pictures of Aaron Allen From Dowell Middle School in McKinney,Texas?

We Answered:

me to

Michelle Said:

Songs for middle school talent show?

We Answered:

i think you should either sing true colors or firefies
they are both beautiful songs :D

hope i helped ^.~

Alicia Said:

how old is Anngel Allen of hilltonia middle school?

We Answered:

13? stalker?

Lydia Said:

Does anyone know Josh Allen from siegel middle school?

We Answered:

omg hes one of my really good friends!!!!!! i agree with the first post, just be yourself go up and talk to him!!!1! trying to get to know him from yahoo answers is kindof stalker-y so i might tell him so you better hurry up...

that was a joke....sorry lol but i hope its given you a little courage to talk to him sooner than you would have!

Geraldine Said:

dude...tomorrow (may,03,10) shadow day plzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ereckson Middle School?

We Answered:

I would suggest that a medical career might be a stretch -- until you learn better English.

And .. if you lie, you are consigned to the fires of hell for the next year! In other words, you have to repeat 8th grade at Ereckson Middle School! :)

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