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Strategic Management Planning

Strategic management involves the ability to achieve goals which have been set out in the beginning.

Many Managers overlook the importance of setting realistic goals which can be achieved - of course, sometimes, it may be necessary to set very ambitious goals and the consequences of not achieving that may not be all that great (in those cases, if an honest attempt is made to achieve those ambitious goals, what will be seen is how much of an effort was made to actually realize that goal).

When one is dealing with people, it becomes important that they do not get too disheartened that they have been working on a project which seems impossible to achieve although they have been putting their heart and soul into it - they would then feel that they have been unnecessarily devoting their energies towards an enterprise which is never going to materialize. Along with this, if there are very strict deadlines, it would put a lot of stress on individuals and such stress for long periods of time may not be good for people. On the other hand, if sensible goals are laid down and definite time frames are also set and regular monitoring is done to ensure that progress is happening at a healthy pace, it can become reassuring for the people working on the project and they would feel that they are working on a project with some purpose and some good is likely to come out of it.

Of course, it also devolves upon the project leader to give praise when due to the good performers on a timely basis so that they feel encouraged their work is being appreciated.

Another important quality is predictive ability - the ability to predict what can happen and how to make changes based on that ability before it is too late. This would be being proactive rather than reactive - making changes proactively before it becomes too late and you are forced to resort to fire fighting measures.

Another important quality is communication - to be clear, concise, to give timely feedback so that your members have all the relevant information that they need and are not in the dark. The communication must be clear - each individual should be clear about what his role is and within what time frame he needs to complete it in. Many people would actually welcome you in being blunt rather than hearing things about yourself from other people - if you are not doing a good job, then it should be told quickly and firmly so that the concerned person has an opportunity to do something about it before it is too late.

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