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Customer Development Manager

A customer development manager's job is defined by the customer's he or she will interact with on a day to day basis. Clients at all times must be kept happy and a customer development manager is well aware of this fact. It is imperative that a customer development manager is available all the time to diffuse situations that may seem volatile and out of control.

All employees working under the customer development manager will be supervised in their particular departments. It is essential that employees are efficient and effective when handling clients and customers. Another vital factor of this position is that the entire company or a branch of the company comes under the purview of the customer development manager and there is much responsibility to be taken as a result of this. There must be excellence in the service given to customers and employees must display this client employee relationship by assuring responsibility and excellence. When there are profits to be made and opportunities of sales to grab onto, a manager must have the potential to recognize this trait in their clients. This will enable more goods and services to be sold thereby accumulating a better profit and building up the portfolio of the company.

Customer development managers need to conduct trainings on a regular basis to ensure that their employees are on par with the current market. This responsibility must be taken seriously by the manager in that the company staff are trained well and have an in depth knowledge and grasping of expectations of clients, work ethics and policies and procedures. All these elements must be applied to their particular job role by the employees. The customer development manager is responsible for meeting a client's goal. This ensures that the scale in rating rapidly increases. A client must always be put first and this will ensure that the company receives a positive feedback from the client.

Customer development is a process of skilled organization where a company has the ability to keep a record of all conversations and contacts between a client and the development manager. In case the company functions on a larger scale, there are several departments that interact with the same client. It is vital that information is exchanged between inter departments and all employees are up to date with regard to client information and requests. There is new software available to assist larger scale companies to streamline this endeavor.

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