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Change Management Business

From the perspective of an organization, the term of change management business can be defined as a systematic approach which aims to improve the quality of the business environment. The process includes four basic steps: awareness of the need for a change within the organization, planning the stages of the change, achieving the transition and maintaining the positive effects of the change. Due to the enormous competitiveness of the business market, managers have to deal with continuous issues when it comes to raising the prestige of the organization. Thus, it is imperative that every leader should possess high organizational skills in order to motivate his/hers subordinates.

Any healthy organization should develop improvement initiatives constantly and also to implement a change management business plan in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, it has to focus on specific objectives that are necessary to maintain the competence level. In order to implement the change management business plan successfully, the manager must be capable of starting with self assessment. Once he/she succeeds in motivating the workforce through his/hers own example, the real change can truly begin. As in any other changing process, there has to be a reason for doing it. Thus, managers should identify the issue that holds back the company`s performance and start from this point, emphasizing the importance of the change management.

Managers must take into account the fact that they have to draw clear objectives before implementing the changes, to categorize the first changes that need to take place and the way that these changes will affect the stakeholders. In order to succeed, managers should involve the staff individually or their representatives before making any decision, to discuss it and to see whether they are able to cope with it or not. This will increase their trust, allowing them to be confident when it comes to being involved in future projects.

The main goal of the change management business plan is to perform operational changes whenever necessary without making use of extra costs, causing people to understand the need for change. Specialized theories have shown that the key to success is communication. It enhances the progress and strengthens the managers` position in the minds of their employees. It is advisable to use verbal communication and to avoid emails or written notices in order to ensure a proper understanding. A good manager will involve his/her people in the process of taking decisions, without imposing them. He/she will definitely take the responsibility for the managing change. Once they stick to these simple rules, there is no need to worry about loosing the best people within the company`s staff.

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