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Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen asset management PLC is an autonomous asset managing company. The Aberdeen asset management has a global presence in over 26 countries and has over 1834 employees and 31 offices. They deal with all the 3 divisions of asset management that is namely listed as below:

* Equities

* Fixed income

* Property

The Aberdeen asset management is solely and entirely involved only in third party asset management and does so in order to avoid any kinds of mutual conflict or disagreement with the interests and opinions of their clients. The latest records of 2009, state that they have under their management, an amount of over ? 143.8 billion in third party assets.

The Aberdeen asset management believes in only long-only type of approach towards the asset management. They have all their attention concentrated in the client profit and need to make sure that the assets that they manage for their clients are totally reaping profits. For this aim to be met, they do not involve in short term volatile markets, but instead try to invest only in markets and the investments which they can totally understand, analyse and confirm with regards to its veracity.

The Aberdeen asset management has operations in almost 26 different nations which are scattered across the globe. But they make sure that each region or each country operation is managed by local asset investment managers and also ensure that the whole process is not dependent on any single employee, but instead they tend to rely more on collective decisions and cross-coverage of securities. They try and make it very sure to avoid the creation of any star managers, so that the decision taken by him/ her is not capable in affecting major influence on the asset investment of the clients.

The Aberdeen asset management company has a policy of visiting and holding a detailed discussion or interview with the proposed clients or the management of the client company, prior to agreeing to carry out the asset investment for them. This ensures the smooth inter-exchange of ideas and also the client gets a chance to clearly mention their or their company's goals to the asset management team from the Aberdeen asset management.

The same policy is embraced while the prospective company is being selected for buying the shares or while deciding if the prospective company has genuine worth to invest in their shares or securities. This makes the entire process of asset investment quite transparent for the clients.

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