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Arnold Said:

Help with 4 questions on Watership Down by Richard Adams...?

We Answered:

It has been a loooong time since I read this. Don't know if it will help you but this is what I remember:

Fiver is a psychic rabbit who has visions of the rabbits in the first warren dying. Hazel believes him and helps get some of the rabbits away. They travel quite a distance and decide to set up a new warren, but they have no does. So, they venture out onto a farm, I believe to find some. I think they had to cross a road at night and face the dangers of being "caught in the headlights" as well as facing off with a farm cat. In order to get does they have to "steal" them from another warren. I don't remember anything else about the book.

Here's a site that has chapter summaries and analysis if you need to do more research:

Keith Said:

How do you calculate to size of an English Cinch?

We Answered:

Set your saddle on your horse - including the saddle pad, and with a helper, run a measuring tape from the center hole of the billet strap on one side, to the center billet hole on the other side. Make sure you keep the measuring tape laid snug (not tight!) against the horse just as the girth would be. That's the length you need.

Hope this helps!

Deborah Said:

Am I applying to too many colleges?

We Answered:

your SAT scores are gross.
If you're willing to pay then no, thats not alot of colleges.

Erik Said:

Big sensitive 11 year old boy.

We Answered:

I feel his pain as when I was his age I was the same way. Big for my age but had not reach puberty. Later bloomers are not uncommon but let him know that it will change as he gets older and so will how others see him and how they communicate with him. God Bless him and you.

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