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English Second Language Lesson Plans

Eleanor Said:

What kinds of accomodations would I add to a lesson plan for Gifted and Talented students?

We Answered:

For Gifted:
1. Explore concepts in depth and encourage independent
2. Encourage creative expression and thinking by allowing students to choose how to approach a problem or assignment
3. Employ differentiated curriculum
4. Avoid drill and practice activities
5. Ask students’ higher level questions that require students
to look into causes, experiences, and facts to draw a
conclusion or make connections to other areas of learning.
6.If possible, compact the lesson for them to allow gifted
students to move more quickly through the material.
7. Encourage the students to make transformations- use a
common task or item in a different way

For IEP students:
1. Extended Time
2. Alternative Materials
3. Modified Assignments (shorter, easier)
4. Dictation to Scribe (if child has dysgraphia)
5. Computer, typewriter

For ESL:
1. Extended Time
2. Alternative Materials
3. Modified Assignments (shorter, easier)
4. Interpreting, Transliterating

You didn't state the grade level, so I picked a lesson plan at random. You can surf the site for a more appropriate one, if needed. I picked this one because it shows how to extend the lesson.…

You have to click on "Advertising Tricks" in the pbs link.

Make a free rubric here:

Glen Said:

I am living in holland and would like to start teaching english as a second language?

We Answered:

so you dont need a teaching degree but can just start teaching? well i suppose i would buy some books ( perhaps hte books you learned english from yourself, assuming its not your native language ). go to an educational bookstore and look and see what they have sift through the materials and develop a lesson plan. mind you this is really hard good luck

Guy Said:

I should write a "Lesson Plan" for a book which is for a second English Language Learners , the name of book?

We Answered:

I'm familiar with the Interchange series but I wanted to make sure which one you mean, Intro, 1 or 2.

How long is your class?
Number of students?
What teaching aids can you use?
Have you planned for any revision?
Are you including any new grammar teaching points?
Are you going to teach vocabulary?
What method are you currently using?
Which is your favorite approach or the one that was suggested to you?

I need to know your answers to the above questions in order to help you.

Johnny Said:

What is the best way to teach English as a Second Language?

We Answered:

You are going to need a ton of patience!

That's first and foremost.

Other than that,

Follow this process:

-Basic Greetings
-Telling Time
-Describing the Weather. While teaching the weather, you can introduce basic verb tenses (It is cold, it was cold, it will be cold).
-Body Parts and describing feelings. Again you can work in grammatical concepts.
-Business vocabulary (workers, paychecks, paying bills, etc)

What you want to do is keep everything simple and RELEVANT. The more germane your lessons are to his life situation, the more likely he is to retain the information.

For example, I teach English in Mexico. I have several different types of customers. For example, I have several housewives. So I teach them things related to home (cleaning, hosting, serving dinner etc.). I also have a food engineer, so I work with him on topics related to his job (answering emails, giving a tour of the plant, reporting test results to his superiors, etc.). I have yet another student who wants to work at a hotel in Puerto Vallarta as a hostess. So my lessons will revolve around her needs (greetings, giving tours, listening to complaints, taking messages, etc.)

But I always weave in the appropriate grammar for the situation based on each student's level and the theme at hand.

Also, for your own knowledge, be aware of the type of errors Spanish speakers make when trying to speak English (not including pronouns such as "I" and "you", for example) so you don't get frustrated when they make those errors. Also understand that there will be some sounds that Spanish speakers struggle to make because they don't have those sounds in Spanish (eg. "th", "z"). This will help you tremendously.

Here's a link to a website with many lesson plans (and there are a ton more)…

Email me if you need any more help.

Norma Said:

What is a good website to utilize for teaching english as a second/foreign language?

We Answered:

I'm an ESL teacher myself and here are some sites that you can use!
I strongly advise you the "scholastic" one.

Clayton Said:

I am a Filipino; planning to apply as english teacher in China. Do I have an edge versus the native speakers?

We Answered:

On the basis of the excellent written English shown by your Question, coupled with your other qualifications and experience, I see no reason why you should not obtain a teaching post in China. My advice would be to reply to the English teaching advertisements which appear on the Internet and see what transpires. As an alternative, you might consider asking your 'China based' acquaintances to make enquiries on your behalf.

NOTE. Regarding your comment that only native speakers of English seem to be wanted... this is nothing to do with being 'qualified people of God', but more to do with language schools, universities, etc., wishing to employ teachers whose accents are as pure as possible. I have several Chinese friends who are fluent in English, but it would not be fair on students to let my friends teach English pronunciation!

Good luck with your search for a job.

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