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English Lesson Plans

Lydia Said:

ESL - oral English lesson plans about English speaking Countries culture?

We Answered:


Sounds like a great experience you have coming up...

I've done the ESL thing in Spain and France. I learnt to think on my feet in front of a class because what worked with one group needing changing or scrapping on the fly for another.

Being English, I would add this to your list:

-St. George's Day (23rd April - Shakespeare was born and died on this same day, too)

-afternoon tea (how to make a pot of tea, biscuits/cakes/cucumber sandwiches...)

-cooked breakfast (bacon, eggs...) and compare with what the students eat in the morning

-how British cuisine is getting more recognition (ie. The Fat Duck restaurant)

-"Chinatown" in cities like London. Find some Chinese menus online and ask the students to comment in English on whether the food sounds authentic..?

-discuss the different versions of English: British v American v Australian... Biscuits/cookies; crisps/chips; chips/fries; loo/john/dunny...

Hope this helps!

Robert from

Rick Said:

year 8 english lesson plans ?r=1223700354?

We Answered:

I'm in year 8, this is what my teacher does:
1. Speaking and listening- make up our own evil character and evil character name, this one's mine: Revolta Vileby. We have to make a role play, or powerpoint or something to explain to the class what our evil character is like.
2. Make up your own mystery story.
3. Read a sherlock holmes story and discuss techniques and the sequence of the crimes.


Karen Said:

Where can i find good lesson plans for Teaching English as a Foreign Language for intermediate students?

We Answered:

English, Learning.………

Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.


Languages other than English.

Free Online Language Translator……

Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

How to Do A Language Exchange
You should practice using the Cormier method, a language exchange method that has been proven for over 3 years at the C.E.L.M. school in Montreal, Canada.

Good luck.

Kevin, Liverpool, England.

Dawn Said:

Does anyone know where i can find proper English lesson plans? I'm studying teaching and need a lesson plan.

We Answered:

If you are studying to become a teacher, the idea is for YOU to develop lesson plans, NOT copy them from another source. As a teacher with 40 years' experience, let me tell you that I NEVER found a lesson plan that worked for me unless I developed it myself. YOU need to include YOUR goals and objectives and how YOU plan to achieve them, not those of another unknown person. Do it yourself and be happy with the results!!


Jeff Said:

HELP~7th Grade English Lesson Plans Needed?

We Answered:

For a list of sites with collections of English lesson plans for 7th Grade go to - click on free classroom lesson plans, then click on English.

Pages 7, 9 and 12 have links and topic details that should be helpful for 7th Grade.


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