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English Lesson Plans For High School

Darryl Said:

How do I get my unruly Japanese high school students under control?

We Answered:

I would suggest contacting their parents. Japanese culture deals alot about shame and respect. I bet they will straighten up if you threaten failue because those high schoolers also need a good start into college. Tell them they will be failed if they don't shape up! I would also tell their parents this threat and be prepared to follow through.

Bob Said:

What could I base a 9th-12th-grade (high school) Sherlock Holmes/mystery literature unit around?

We Answered:

well i myself am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes
i have also read Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot,Tommy and tuppence
both the authors are good but i favor Sherlock Holmes.the reason being that the theories of Sherlock Holmes are very logical and reasonable.whereas in case of Hercule Poirot the psychology is more important.poirot tries to place himself in the place of the murderer and then solves the case.there not much involvement of evidence.Sherlock Holmes would be more suitable for the's more interesting and we can learn a lot from can use the story of sherlock holes
"the final problem" or
"the adventure of dancing men"

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