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English Language Lesson Plans

Matthew Said:

Can you help me extend this English language speaking lesson?

We Answered:

include more words/situations which quite often happen ie engineering words, how to change line, how to change from underground to overground and vice versa. Being a foreigner myself, when I firstly came in London, one of the most difficult things was to understand all these underground people speaking through the speakers. Give your students the carton from a toilet role (don't laugh) and ask them to give directions to each other through that. It will sound like these tube announcements... If they can understand each other like that, they will have less trouble listening and understanding the real tube announcements.

Ronald Said:

I need to improve math teachers' ability to teach through the english language. Any workshop ideas?

We Answered:

Use a gentle approach: give each teacher an area to cover during the workshop, i.e. addition for one, multiplication for another, and so on. Keep it SIMPLE. When it is time for the workshop, the leader (is that you?) should be the first to present one area. This should be done in a light-hearted manner, and if necessary, make intentional mistakes in your presentation. You're aim is to set an informal atmosphere so nobody feels uncomfortable, regardless of their level of English.

Once everyone has survived this workshop, then it may be time to start fine-tuning the teachers' teaching skills for this English language and maths class through further workshops.

By nature, these two subjects don't usually go along well together. Most people are divided into two groups based on their skills in either maths or languages. It's usually one or the other, not both. So bearing this in mind, your poor teachers are going to have a rough year ahead of them!

Be gentle on them and good luck!

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