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Electricity Lesson Plans

Ross Said:

My revenue site dimension is different than sale deed?

We Answered:

There is a general observation in the court that "Purchaser Be Aware".

It is also an equal responsibility to check the dimensions as per actuals & as per revenue records. On these two, if there is a difference, you are entitled for the least of the two!

Andrea Said:

Horse barn? How much money?

We Answered:

The first thing you should do is to check on the zoning laws and insurability. In some areas, residences have to be separated from barns, and also often specify the number of feet that must separate them. Some insurance companies won't cover residences attached to barns because of the fire hazard. If they are willing to insure it, the cost may be prohibitive.
You can take the plans to local building contractors for bids on cost, and because real estate development has come to such a crashing halt, you may be able to get pretty good pricing. The cost will vary according to where you live, cost of the materials, etc. You'll also have to hire a contractor to excavate and install the footing before the building goes up, so you should include that in the builder's bid, or get separate bids on that.
No one can answer any of these questions with accuracy since these costs depend on where you live and what the rates are. No one knows how much water or electric you'll be using. If you are planning to build an outdoor arena, would it be lighted by electricity or by solar power? You have to research these costs in your area. You will have to estimate the amount of hay storage space you will need based on the number of horses you keep. If you are putting in paddocks, then there are fencing costs which depend on the type you install, total linear footage, and the number of gates, etc. Your arena cost depends on the linear footage of the fencing as well as the square footage to be covered by whatever footing you choose, and what depth it will be. If you need to hire someone to do all of the excavation and to install the footing, that will be more costly.
Do you already own the land? If not, then you have that cost up front. If you already own land, you need building permits before you can do anything, and you have to be sure the zoning allows you to build this type of facility and to board and keep horses, as well as the number of horses you want to keep. Some zoning requires specific acreage required per horse, and some doesn't allow horses at all. So you need to start doing some research before worrying about the other questions you have.
To run water and electric, you'll have costs digging trenches and installing lines. In the country, you will have to install a well for water and a septic system for waste, so those are separate bids. If you want a sprinkling system and wash stall, those lines should be run right away, and the drainage for a wash stall should be included in the bid from whoever does the barn footing.
I'd start by checking with your county building and zoning department and go from there.

Lewis Said:

Is it safe for a child of Zeus to take a bath?

We Answered:

Gods, I'd love to believe that'd work, because Thalia is a bit of a bitc h
Unfortunantly, I'm guessing the electricity in her blood wouldnt come into effect unless she intended to use her powers.
You could, however, "accidently" drop a toaster into her bath.

Lauren Said:

He showed me signs but I'm not sure???Plz please help!!?

We Answered:

according to the way you say it, it seems like he likes you. :S everything you said relates to my ex-crush, just that he's not as brave as your crush, my ex-crush didn't really dared to talk to me and let alone, back me up.
haha but he confessed to me in the end. so yeah, i hate guys who are not daring

Gordon Said:

Would you read this, guys?

We Answered:

Sweetie, As always left me wanting More. Your books are gonna sell...I can't wait to see them in Barnes and Nobles or Borders. Maybe if I ask nicely I can get a signed copy when I come to a Book signing some where soon.

Salvador Said:

How do you convert electrical energy into heat, light and motion?

We Answered:

Actually, in a light bulb, you only create heat from the eletrical energy - by having the elctrons bump against the atoms in the wire inside the bulb. The hot wire then starts to glow from the heat (in the same way as with a fire) and sends out light.
If you use LEDs or modern "ecological" lamps, the method is completely different: Electrons are pushed around *inside* the atoms (jumping up and down "layers"), which makes them emit light waves.

For motion, there is the "Lorenz force": On a current in a magnetic field, there is a force. This force can be used to build a motor.

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