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Economics Lesson Plans

Edgar Said:

What site gives me the average income and expenses [broken down by category] for America?

We Answered:
Has average expenditures and income and also broken down by income quintiles, . The average income is much higher than the median or typical "average" so values for the middle 20% is probably what you want.

Kelly Said:

its my first economics lesson. what shall i open with?

We Answered:

Money is always a good way to go in the opening,

Try asking (and explaining) why money has value? E.g That bank notes used to be backed up by gold reserves in banks but this was stopped in 1970, meaning money after that point had no physical value other than that of the paper used to print it and it became a pure medium of exchange and not a mean of certifying gold deposits.

In short that "money has value because we think is has value".

Mario Said:

What are some lesson plans that could be taught to 8th grade students on economics basics?

We Answered:

EconEdLink has some of the best activity-based economics, money and finance lessons I've found. Here's a link to their lessons for grades 6-8:…

Evelyn Said:

What lesson from past Presidents - economics? How successfully did FDR apply this theory? ...?

We Answered:

The New Deal made the great depression far worse and longer lasting than if nothing at all was done. It did not end the economic problems, World War 2 did that.

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