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Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Bobby Said:

Lesson Plans for early childhood?

We Answered:

Well you should have a good idea what you are going to do each day before you go in for many reasons.
- you need to have the materials for the activities that you are going to do
- you should know what you are going to do so that you aren't flying by the seat of your pants.
- you need to plan the curriculum to meet the needs and goals for the children in your classroom.

Not only should you plan the curriculum, you should reflect on whether the lessons met your goals and assess the results of the lessons.

Misty Said:

I have a project for my Early Childhood Education Class. Someone help me ?

We Answered:

if you go to and click themes there is a list of activity per theme.They have one regarding pets, which could include or you could change to include dogs

Warren Said:

Anyone from Albemarle, North Carolina interested in a Early Childhood Job?

We Answered:

Sorry .... very busy and far away.

Edith Said:

what and how to create a lesson plan?

We Answered:

Basically, you have to decide what you want to students to have learned in the lesson, and organize your thoughts on how they will learn this. There are three basic stages: activating (getting them ready to learn), acquiring (what they do to learn the skill/content), and applying (what they do to consolidate the learning, and demonstrate what they learned).

You should have in your lesson indications of how long each stage will take, what materials will be needed, and what assessments will be done.

Once you have some experience, you won't need to record everything in quite so much detail, because the habits of planning for curriculum objectives and student learning styles will be fairly ingrained, but a good lesson plan is a way to make sure that your activities are purposeful and effective.

Lydia Said:

what are some adaptations i could use in a early childhood lesson plan?

We Answered:

all kids till age 7 are kenesthetic... so give them more activities to do.... best wishes..Academic director

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