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Early Childhood Education Lesson Plans

Henry Said:

Teaching a lesson plan using the recorder (instrument) NEED HELP!?

We Answered:

I don't teach recorder but i teach young kids violin. My first lesson doesn't really involve the instrument. I first teach them rhythms and timing. Will you be teaching them to read music? Usually i start with crotchets but no note in particular. I just explain that crotchets = 1 beat. I'll write Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the board (cause all kids know that song) with a crotchet above each word where the beat is. So, Twin - Kle - Twin - Kle - Lit - tle - Star, etc and we all clap the beat and sing the words together. When they get the hang of that we transfer it to the instrument. Choosing any one note (just so they get the feel for things) and i sing the song as they play a note to the beat.

Or if your not supposed to teach reading music maybe draw a diagram of the recorder and the holes and numbering them for what finger to use. Like 1st finger for 1st hole, etc. Then write something like
1 2 3
Hot Cross Buns

1 2 3
Hot Cross Buns

3 3 3 3
One A Pen ny

2 2 2 2
Two A Pen ny

1 2 3
Hot Cross Buns

Hope that helps!! :) Have fun!!

Stanley Said:

would someone or anyone plz help me with this if you can?

We Answered:

Yes I did it , because I use to teach it.
Below are 5 different Authors and their Books along with titles. The illustrators name are included in each book that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles. Now take this list of these authors and the names of their books and go to the library and choose the author from this list you like the best and then pick 4 more of his/her books (so you will now have the same author as you stated) and five (5) books total. Then look at all of the books and pick 5 different illustrators from other books in that section, now you have 10. I could help you with your lesson plans but this Answer Window will only allow me to put so much text on it.

Below are the books and authors you will need tos tart with. Good Luck!!

Books that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles.

1. Title: Postal Workers
Authors: Paulette Bourgeous & Kim Halave Publisher: Kilos Can Press htd.
Copyright date: 1992

2. Title: If You Were A Police Officer
Authors: Virginia Schomp
Publisher: Benchmark Books for Children Copyright date: 1998

3. Title: Dinner at Aunt Connie's House
Authors: Faith Ringgold
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children Copyright date: 1993

4. Title: Garbage Collections
Authors: Paulette Bourgeous & Kim Halave Publisher: Kids Can Press htd.
Copyright date: 1998

5. Title: If You Were A Firefighter
Authors: Virginia Schomp
Publisher: Benchmark Books for Children Copyright date:

Sean Said:

Theme teaching ideas?

We Answered:

Frank Said:

Am I the only on that thinks this is crazy?

We Answered:

Yea, it is. Babysitters get paid like 10 an hour and a lot of them have no experience. Be a babysitter.

Randy Said:

Obama: Education in 2013?

We Answered:

The requirement is that by 2013, 50% of the Head Start teachers in the nation must have Bachelor's degrees. This doesn't necessarily mean that each individual program must meet that requirement. Since, I think, there are usually two teachers in each classroom, having 50% with a Bachelor's degree might mean one in each class. This rule only refers to Head Start programs, not to nursery schools, day care programs, or other early childhood programs. Though the rule will take effect in 2013, the new requirements are part of the Head Start Reauthoization Act of 2007 and were signed into law by George Bush. The link to the rule is below.…

This is a link to the Act itself:…

Bruce Said:

What type of degree is required to work at a kinder-garden or 1st grade teacher?

We Answered:

I have a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. My license is in Ohio so I can teach Pre-K to Grade 3. Usually after 3 years of full time experience a teacher will enter a graduate program.

If you want to teach small children you MUST be creative, patient and you have to love kids or you will not be happy with your career.

Teaching is sooooo fun! That state tells you what you need to teach. Meaning it says what each child in a particular grade needs to master before going on to the next grade. However, how you teach that indicator is up to you. Of course you would want to talior it to your particular class's needs and interests. But you can be so creative!

The school many times will purchase curriculum (math books, language arts books etc.) that you will use but I have always had to write my own lesson plans. I was never supplied them by the school which is good because I know my students and can make curriculum decisions based on them.

The challenges I have faced in my career is families! A lot of times families will not agree with your discipline or curriculum decisions. You will have to learn to be assertive.

Discipline is also a challenge. You will have to be fair and consistant. I always like discussing the important of rules at the beginning of the year and having the class help me establish our classroom rules. Guidance and discipline is a very important aspect of teaching.

If I am having a stressful day I always ask myself "Is there anywhere else I would rather be or something else I would rather be doing?" The answer is no...that's how I know I made the right decision to become a teacher.

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