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Disney Lesson Plans

Wendy Said:

could check my grammar mistakes and sentence structure please?

We Answered:

Driving lesson:
I would like to apply for my husband’s driving lessons and examination to be paid for. I am a full-time carer to my daughter Shophy and my 3 year old child. At the moment, I do not have the time to take driving lessons so my husband will need to learn to drive. He cannot read English so could you arrange to get the “theory test” text book in our language (insert language here).

It is very important for my daughter’s well-being that one of us learns to drive as travelling by public transport is very stressful and distressing. Her behavioural problems mean that she becomes incredibly upset and difficult to manage if she cannot have her own way entirely. We cannot afford to pay for taxis for every trip we make.

We would be really appreciative of any help that you can provide at this time.
Thank you,
(Sign here)

Holiday money :
I am planning a trip to Disneyland, Paris, during this coming summer holiday because my disabled daughter Shophy would love to see the Disney characters. They are her favourite plaything and her favourite television show or movie. Every morning when I wake her up she immediately wants to go and watch Disney shows.
This holiday is going to cost an awful lot of money in air-fares and accommodation costs. We would appreciate some assistance in this matter.
Thank you for your patience in dealing with this matter, we would of course be very grateful of any monetary help that you may be able to provide.
(Sign here)

I am more than willing to provide you with this grammatical help, which I have done. If these applications are successful then there is more at fault with our world than I thought. Why on Earth should any agency help you to pay for driving lessons for your illiterate husband or for a holiday for your entire family to Disneyland whether it be in France or the United States. Your desires are noble and probably understandable but they are misguided. Please try and re-consider asking for transport assistance for your child, most local authorities provide transport for disabled people free of charge or at vastly subsidised costs and as for holidays then I am afraid you will have to do without.

Sarah Said:

Can someone rate my Evaluation Essay on Toy Story?

We Answered:

Yes. Your advice-to-parents approach is a good one. Just one thought -- you might take into consideration that there is more that one Toy Story out now -- named (uncreatively) Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. You might wish to mention that you are concentrating only on Toy Story1. Good review -- makes me want to see the film again!

Morris Said:

Does anyone besides me think there will be a new Monday Night War between WWE and TNA?

We Answered:

back to the attitude era baby!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Said:

DISNEY AUDITIONS 2010?? 12 year old girl?

We Answered:

Here's how you get into acting:
The first thing you need is experience. Audition for school plays and join the drama club. You should also try out for local community theatre shows. Take as many acting classes as possible. Read some books on acting (those by Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Kristen Linklater and Jack Poggi are great). Be sure to get the support of your parents, they can help you a lot.
If you feel you are ready, look up auditions on…
All three websites are reputable, legitimate and free. You generally need a head shot and resume (this website has great information on creating a resume… When you have enough experience you should begin to look for an agent. Look up agents on the SAG website

Kay Said:

Pocahontas - religious views?

We Answered:

if anything GRandmother willow would have been Mary NOT God for she spoke of the gods and the spirits of the wind. i have no idea how you could take her to be God - that would be kinda bad. maybe the whole loving nature and taking care of God's gift of the planet. you know the song about how they come in and destroy things and how she/Indians are taking care and respectful of the gift of nature.

Dora Said:

Young Actors Camp in LA

We Answered:

hey! im in the same sit! ill be 14 next may! Hmm how much does it cost? i havent done that camp b4...

Nathan Said:

What styles of dance do they do at the Disney Parks around the world?

We Answered:

Ballet is always worth the effort! It's a lot of fun and can help in just about any type of dancing that you plan to do. Definitely convince your dance teacher to start teaching it because Disney has stuff for ballet dancers!
They also have shows for jazz, couples, and tumbling/hip hop. There are tons of shows for just about anything, especially if you can sing, too!
Hope this helps!

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