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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan

Ramon Said:

Anyone good at grammer and won't mind doing a grammer check for me? Third part?

We Answered:

Since this was not my classroom, I worked more RANDOMLY developing my instructional planning AND how it is laid out in our books. I was specifically asked to come up with an art project because of my fine arts background and the fact THAT THE students are not receiving an official art CLASSES as required by the state of New Jersey. I researched the state standards on what the children needed to accomplish for A second grade. For the background and readiness of the children, I had to rely on their PRESENT teacher, whom, was more then willing to review and make suggestions to my SYLLABUS STRAGEDY . Together we established the content priorities and she was able to POINT OUT suggestions AND to link the information to their prior knowledge. TOGETHER WE discussed several art projects that they could do and we ARRIVED AT AN IDEA OF GIVING THEM a Valentines project WHICH COULD B FUN,EXPRESSIBLE,INTERESTING & MOREOVER WHICH CHILDREN WOULD CARE TO FINISH IN TIME. After BRINGING OUT a theme, it was TIME FOR me to establish the art project THAT they were to do. I STEPPED on AN IDEA OFdeveloping a repeating heart project that WOULD focus on color, pattern and textured. The teacher told me THAT the students knew THOSE vocabulary words but were struggling with THE texture and were not ABLE TO BRING UP THE RIGHT COMBINATIONS because the current person teaching art was only lecturing THE SUBJECT and WAS FOLLOWING direct instruction approach AS HE WAS TEACHING PROFESSIONALS. This really geared me UP to think about doing the set induction very hands on and TO MAKE STUDENTS LOOK OVER THE SUBJECT IN A new KIND OF perspective. The set induction need to be very hands on and focus them creating something and linking to the formal presentation of artwork in pictures and slides that they have seen in the past. When complete, I submitted my NEW lesson STAGEDY to the teacher for HER review so that she could fill out her planner and let her teacher know what the students would be WORKING HAPPILY WITH ME. She commented then she was shocked by the approach of the set induction and didn’t have any past experience to know how the children would react or understand this new approach to starting the lesson.

Ruby Said:

Early childhood question?

We Answered:

Isn't this in your textbook???

Pedro Said:

Anyone good at grammer and won't mind doing a grammer check for me? Second part?

We Answered:

If I were to do the whole lesson again, I would focus harder on using all eight Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory in more detail. Before taking class a LaSalle, I immediately thought that what I like and how I learned was the fun way to learn or teach. I assumed that everyone is more visual and would rather receive information they way I preferred to receive it. This of course is a common mislead belief until you learn that everyone has different multiple intelligences and learning and teaching styles. Even armed with this information it is still hard to make yourself stop and consider all the needs of the children. I have no problem incorporating visual-spatial, bodily kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic and interpersonal into a lesson. I do struggle to with more with adding the logical-mathematical MI into my lesson plans. I notice the children who like the direct instruction were taken off guard by my set induction and were confused about what they were learning and were very focus on the grading aspect of the lesson. There was even one girl was more concerned with getting others in trouble so she could move up on the star chart, by removing other stars. For these children who were not interested in art, they need a structure format or something to make them feel the assignment was worth their time. I would have tried to work in more types of organizers or something to fill in during the set induction or right after in so that this group of learners could organize the information in a way that they felt comfortable.

Georgia Said:

American Expat Questions about living in KUWAIT.. ?

We Answered:

Home schooling is something that Americans can do, and as long as they are qualifiying their children then that is fine. But the "diploma" wouldn't be accepted in any official government insitution in Kuwait. But for a person who isn't planning on staying or working in Kuwait it would be fine.

I have never heard that XBOX 360 live was played here,, but they play every other game under the sun, so they probably do. And if they don't you can always introduce it! :)

You can bring animals anywhere you want. In Kuwait there are no laws per se or ordinances about pets. And it's not like in the states where lots of apartment owners won't have pets in. It should be fine.

Kuwait has all of the above and even more. So, your teens should be quite happy.

It is common for expats to have house help and they pay anywhere from around 25 KD ($100) for part time per month, to what some crazed people pay ($400) for full time. But, those who pay that much have usually been duped by smart house help taking advantage of foreigners. :)

Plenty of Internet.. DSL, Satellite, and more. Super fast, and fine. Lots of different plans and prices, starting at 5KD per month ($20) for dial up. I personally pay by the year though and have DSL.. which is more convenient. There is also completely wireless, that just plugs into your computer and you can take it anywhere with you! We have that in our Kuwait Living office and it is great!!!

There are two different satellite television companies here in Kuwait, Showtime, and Orbit, and both are fine, but offer slightly different fare. Both are quite comparable in price.

And for all kinds of other infornation visit us at:!

If you have any questions you can ask more there. :)


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