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Computer Lesson Plans

Vanessa Said:

Where can I find some great lesson plans about computers for 7th graders?

We Answered:

I suggest you go to a website called, then click forums, ask that question on that website (make an account first) because that website is specially made for teacher to discuss problems and other teachers are more likely to help, this website is more for children to young adults (9-20)

Laura Said:

Where can I find free stuff for teachers. I don't need lesson plans, but things like used computers and desks?

We Answered:

Look at government resources like Computers for Learning, which works with federal agencies to transfer their excess technology to schools and educational nonprofit organizations. Have your school's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) number or the organization's 501c Tax ID number handy for registration on their website.

Try registering with a private organization that transfers computers like the Share the Technology nonprofit. Just like Computers for Learning, Share the Technology focuses on reusing equipment rather than recycling it. They also accept donations of old equipment to pass on to needy schools.

Register with iLoveSchools which matches teachers with donors for free equipment. They allow teachers to post a wish list online and prospective donors view the lists. The organization also matches randomly donated things, such as computers, to those teachers who express a desire for donation

Pauline Said:

where can i find a PDF file of ohio preschool standards i can use with my lesson plans?

We Answered:…
Call the number, you may be able to get a copy of the book. As for teaching lesson, I found this site is easier and follows federal standards too. I use the Head Start standards, Ohio follows these. The preschool standards is also great for lessons. That said, I think the standards are a bit 'weak'. Still, you know you have your bases covered. Don't forget to teach math and science. This site goes beyond standards, but is very age-appropriate and far better Preschool Rock. My computer isn't bringing it up, hope the site isn't down!

Nelson Said:

Homeschooling computer lesson plan?

We Answered:

Well you can start with it by just introducing her to it and showing her how to start a new page. Then let her do some essays or creative writing on it and teacher to save.

Then start with the spell check and grammar check and have her correct her work and learn to be critical about the grammar choices. You might have her work with an English Grammar book to see if the software is right or not.

You can show her the various menus and how to do a word count.

You can show her how to save work in other formats, such as HTML to turn it into a web page.

You can eventually show her how to import pictures and align these inside the text so the text flows around the picture in a variety of ways.

Then you can get into using effects such as Bold, Underline, Italics.

How to align text as justified, centered.

How to change fonts and font sizes.

How to make text different colors.

Then you can get into headers and footers and page numbering.

You can have her put the Title of her work in a top header and the page number at the bottom cenetered or right.

Then you can get into printing formats.

Take the menu items one at a time and show her how they work.

Show her how to put table into the page to format things in rows and columns and even add a formual to add things.

Terrance Said:

How do you improve a lesson plan about amphibians for grade 6? How to include the use of computer?

We Answered:

Here's some really interseting stuff geared towards about that age:

I found this by searching "amphibians" on There were a bunch of other results if this doesn't work.

Marlene Said:

What's a cheap gaming laptop that i can also use for lesson plans?

We Answered:

You must spend your money for the best brand.

As I know HP and Dell are the best in laptops for a long time. I trusted HP and I bought a HP laptop 2 years before, and still like the day I bought it. Didn't even had to service it at least once up to now.

I recommend you to buy a HP(with experience) or Dell laptop.

On you can even customize your laptop.

Arlene Said:

Where can i find computer lesson plans ?

We Answered:

try this out. they are pretty good. perhaps by watching the videos you can come up with your own lesson plans.
videos that teach.

also if you this
computer lesson plans
you will come up with plenty.
google has no limits of words, you can type in things such as
how do i install ram into my computer?
and google will give you multiple sites with the answers.
youtube is really good at finding stuff as well.

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