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Computer Applications Lesson Plans

Andrew Said:

I need help with recording and finding community service hours?

We Answered:

To apply to college, you don't really need a resume. The application will have spots to fill in. If you really need one, google resume for the basic format. For education, put in your high school and expected date of graduation. Rather than Employment History have a heading labelled activities and one labelled Awards.

Under activities:
You can put your volunteering. Do something like this:
Volunteer, September 2009-Present
New Haven Community Hopsital
Assisted with programming in children's cancer wing.
Total volunteer hours: 790 (or 5 hours per week)

People to People could go here since it is an organized trip, but realize no one cares. Its a paid trip, that's all. But if you are short on activities include it.
People to People Ambassador Great Britain, June 2010

Under Awards:
(I would not include Honor Role unless you have been on it every semester, otherwise it is like pointing out shortcomings)
New Haven Register Essay Contest
First Prize
March 2007

Connecticut Association of University Women Essay Contest
Honorable Mention
September 2009

For volunteer work- some places will keep a record of your volunteer activities. At others, it is useful to keep a log, not just as proof but as a reminder of what you did (example 10/2/09- 3 hours working at the Oxfam second hand store). High school experiences like volunteering can be included on your resume in college when you are looking for internships if they were done within the previous 2 years (beyond that they just look odd). A small notebook or an excel spreadsheet is enough.

You really need to build your resume right now. It is very unusual for a high school student to have no activities. It doesn't mean colleges won't accept you, but if they are looking at two identical transcripts, they are going to go with the person who has activities over the person who doesn't.

Why aren't you writing for your school newspaper or literary magazine? If your school has one, you should get in touch with them next week so you can at least write New Haven High School Student Paper September 2009-Present. Long term activities look better than things you started later or didn't stick with.

For volunteering, I would check out the Girl Scout Gold Award.… If you started now, you could complete your Gold Award before you graduated and get two lines on your resume (Girl Scout September 2009-Present and Gold Award Expected June 2011). You would design your own volunteer project (with supervision) and it could be good college essay fodder. If that doesn't appeal, try Interests are important, but I'd really try to get something going before October 1. No one is going to look at your resume and question why you volunteered at a hospital if your interest is writing. The later you start activities, the less weight they carry when you apply to college.

They don't need to see 20 clubs. They want to see long term commitment to serious activities.

Sylvia Said:

I need help planning some computer skill lessons?

We Answered:

like your idea

I not sure what "Digital Lifestyles" unit would cover.

Some "deliverables" that I might expect for a business might include

project proposal or business plan, this might included
1. description of the project
2. resume or job description
3. cost projections or cost analysis
4. schedule
Proposal might be a mixture of Word and Excel, but mostly Word.

For Excel, you could provide the formulas and show them the format of a business income statement or balance sheet, provide them the raw data, could also have them create financial ratios and do what/if analysis

Powerpoint could be used for progress presentation (midterm and final). You have them update their cost/schedule as the project progress.

you could have them create a company website and have them convert at least some of above documents to web pages. cross-referencing the documents.

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