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Communication Lesson Plans

Clayton Said:

Is teaching really as hard as it sounds in my education textbook?

We Answered:

Those four things are certainly a part of everyday teaching - but it is far more than that.

The four things you list are things we take into account as we are planning lessons - but there is much more that is necessary. No college textbook can prepare you for the class of minds waiting for you. Each and every one of those students have unique needs that you need to address daily. When people discuss it as an art, that is much more descriptive of the everyday work involved. We must respond to needs as they are presented in class. We must also search out and be aware of needs that are not presented - our students dont always know what they need *or* often do not wish to let you know.

Herbert Said:

I'm doing a lesson plan for 3-4 yr olds the theme is communication. i need some good ideas for our circle time

We Answered:

Purple Monkey Dinosaur. That is, whisper a simple message in one person's ear and have them whisper in teh next person's and see what it turns into by the time it comes full circle. Experiment on talking with and without being able to see the speaker's lips. And try the tin cans on a tightly stretched string (telephone), or listening to vibrations coming through a door.

Harold Said:

how will you teach by communication aproach prepare a lesson plan to teach a story?

We Answered:

this is what I do to my students...Read them a nice story in a nice way...I mean...i used to teach preschoolers, so they love it when we put some facial expression when reading the stories for them.

If they're bigger, you can use drama play aproach, make a small group of kids and ask them to act in a role play with some stories you want.

Thomas Said:

Looking for a lesson plan that incorporates the constitution and science for Sep 17th...?

We Answered:

Hope you find what you need.


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Kevin, Liverpool, England.

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