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Climate Change Lesson Plans

Miguel Said:

Ive been conned and now he wants to take me to court??!! Sorry its a long one!?

We Answered:

threatening to send baliffs and actually sending them are two very different things.

you should probably pre-empt him and take HIM to court. If you can find some money of course.

Juanita Said:

UK: Why are we so rubbish at PREPAREDNESS?

We Answered:

That is a good question as the government and big businesses could make money out of us by selling us things like blow up rafts, gas masks (just in case), big survival kits, big water butts to collect our own water. Man, the list goes on.
I think global warming (if it's happening) is the least of our problems. If Yellowstone has a super eruption, America will be covered in ash and the UK would get at least a centimetre of ash as well as other countries, the earth would then go very dark for days or even weeks, the temperature could then plummet. We are not prepared for anything like that and we are now far too populated for the emergency services to help us all, and even if they could, what would they do with us. We could go into a mini ice-age, we're certainly not prepared for that. All sorts of different natural disaters could happen that noone is prepared for, we need to go back to basics .

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