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Bill Of Rights Lesson Plans

Marion Said:

Do you consider HR 4137 the Higher Education Opportunity Act to be a universal good or government programing

We Answered:

I am concern of what's going on in our colleges. I live in what is now a liberal state, yet, the UC system has become the playground for the rich. It was once them cheapest means to get a great college education. It was the bases of California's economy.

I took some courses in the Cal state system and found that the big difference is that the good colleges teach y ou how to think, but the mediocre ones teach you how to do a job.

Doonsbury coin a phrase, Grade inflation. It means the value of our colleges are diminishing. The professors give out A's when 10years ago would gave out a B or a C. I look at our college students, and they lack inspiration. They want everything handed to them. There is no curiosity or desire to learn. They no longer think for themselves. I keep yelling at work, that I have to supervise my peers now. They don't understand a professional is paid to think, while labor does the work.

What makes a good college is that all ideas may be expressed. There is no restriction in thoughts. That is how new ideas are born. If we all take the same path, how are we going to find something new.

What i see is a distribution of propaganda, rather than true learning. One of the things I hate about High school History is that we learn history to prevent the mistakes we made in the past. We were never taught about the mistakes we made, but rather our achievements.

Joan Said:

Bill Collectors and Questions about Validation of debt?

We Answered:

Per your update, the statute of limitations if 4 years in Florida, meaning that this debt is most likely time-barred.

Technically, a debt collector can come after you forever for defaulted debt...however, once the statute of limitations is up...they've lost the power to successfully take legal action. Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can send them a "cease communications" letter and that will be all that you need to do. Per this law they must cease collection activity.

Send the collection agency a letter via Certified Mail + Return Receipt stating:

Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, cease all communications with me about this alleged debt.

* DO NOT sign your signature on any document that you mail to a debt collector. It could end up on a forged document that can be used against you. Simply type your full name.
If the debt collector calls back, tell them that you have officially sent a certified letter to them to cease communications with you per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Don't let them scare/bully you into paying this ancient, time-barred debt with bogus threats of arrest or legal action...they can't do either...they are powerless over you.

For those who think there's a moral obligation to "do the right thing" and pay them back: the credit card industry is a vicious, predatory and amoral are the bottom feeder debt collectors that buy ancient debt like this. These vultures/predators don't deserve one penny.

Pedro Said:

Any teachers out there? help finding a career??

We Answered:

If you decide to teach and major in Math or Science, you won't have any trouble getting a job. English is also a demand subject in our state, so it's not a bad choice, either. As someone who taught at least one middle school class a year for 19 out of my 20 years in the public schools, I loved teaching middle school.

Yes, teaching has its challenges, but, as cliche' as it might sound, there are lots of rewards in teaching. I'm sure there are challenges with Interior Design, too.

Perhaps your first year of college, you can take an intro course in both of those subject areas and see which one appeals to you more.

Good luck!

Douglas Said:

Do you think that Obama should have learned a lesson from Romneycare?

We Answered:

It look like they did not learn a thing did they?`

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