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Bible Study Lesson Plans

Hilda Said:

Middle school bible study?

We Answered:

Talk with them. Maybe ask for guidance from a school official.

Sue Said:

Has anyone used the "fruit of the spirit" bible study guides?

We Answered:

Erm, what is it you don't understand in the phrase 'money can't buy friends'. If it can't buy friends which is love, it certainly wont help gain enlightenment which is unconditional love.

Isaac Said:

What topic should be covered in a Bible study class with visitors (Jr. High)?

We Answered:

My brother in Christ, I proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ frequently, as the Lord has blessed me with opportunity in ministry. In any size group there are frequently those who need more milk and some who can chew the meat. Give them both, no matter what you may think they need. Charles Spurgeon said that no matter where you start in scripture, make a bee-line for the cross. That is, go straight for it right away. The cross is the central point for all of us, and it is "the power of God unto salvation." I do this by telling them first, "I want to speak to those of you who believe the Bible is the Word of God to us, and then I want to speak to any that are not certain or reject the Bible as truth." In this way, I can read a scripture I believe God has given me for that moment and then comment (always using other scripture of course as confirmation for a truth) on what the Lord is saying, and what He is saying to us as followers of Christ. But no matter what, save time for the cross, and the meaning of faith vs. thinking something is true mentally but not committing. Finally, I would encourage you to continue to pray, study, and have confidence that the Holy Spirit will lead you in what you say. Maranatha!!!

George Said:

how do I make a lesson plan for Psalms 23:4?

We Answered:

try reading the psalm backwards...

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