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Art Lesson Plans For Teachers

Armando Said:

Mental Retardation lesson?

We Answered:…

This site has some good ideas that you could expand on. As someone else stated, you just need to find the state standards for art.…

Just go to the website and decide what age you feel is most appropriate. Even though you need to choose an element and principle of art, keep in mind that the lesson can still be a very simple one. Patterns could incorporate both color and rhythm.

Good Luck!

Mathew Said:

Lesson plans for my brother?

We Answered:

Check your local bookstore, and look in the education section. There will be lots to choose from! Scholastic is my favorite for lesson plan books. There's a few that are really fun - "MathArt," "ScienceArt," and "Language ARTS." Find those on Amazon and go from there.

Tim Said:

art for Mental Retardation?

We Answered:

How about....
Line and Perspective?

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