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6th Grade Lesson Plans

Karen Said:

what is a fun 6th grade lesson plan that can be taught in about 15 minutes?

We Answered:

I know this really good website that I use for my assignment...They have really interesting lesson plans for all grade levels.

Marvin Said:

How do 6th grade Science and leadership go together?

We Answered:

I think "Ecological Interactions" is your key here.

Download the powerpoint I listed as the second source. The battles of WWII or any war for that matter had a crazy effect on the ecosystem. The decisions of leaders affect the world not just from the human's perspective. You can then give accolades to those who have worked to repair those effects. Hope that helps for talking points.

Janet Said:

I want to bring rabbits into the classroom. How do I incorporate a 6 grade lesson plan around this?

We Answered:

you can have a theme such as THE LIFE OF A RABBIT where u can talk about what they eat ,how the spend the day,what kind of noise they make etc.

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