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3rd Grade Math Lesson Plans

Vickie Said:

What is a good theme for a childcare lesson plan?

We Answered:

Children in this age group haven't attended school long enough to know what "Back to School" means. Many also don't ride the school bus because their parents take them to Preschool. You could do a "My First Day at School" theme and talk about saying goodbye to your parents, making new friends, and what kids do at school. A good book for this subject is "The Kissing Hand".

If you go to your local library, you will find a whole section of books that are full of lesson plans. Ask the librarian where the Teacher Reference Books are at. There is a magazine called "Mailbox" that Preschool Teachers use all the time. The whole magazine is lesson plans and ideas. You could check out a few copies of "Mailbox" and bring them home to read through.

Other themes for you to consider are:
zoo animals
the weather

Larry Said:

Functional Academics for math?

We Answered:

I taught HS students of this level at a special school for seven years, and our focus was teaching them to function in society, and the importance of learning functional skills involving Mathematics.
I will tell you that I used a series of books being Working Makes Sense....There's also Using Dollars and Sense....( I believe it was Globe-Fearon...could be wrong). I taught the 4th-5th grade level (Used Working Makes Sense) ...but these lessons could be adapted using a calculator for students who have not mastered the four basic operations. It explores all aspects of functional Mathematics....paychecks,check writing,ATM, banking, gas mileage,even taxes...If you are going to be teaching this next year,you should think about ordering it.(I know this doesnt help you now...sorry!) I loved it. These kids are probably SO SICK of being taught and re- taught the four basic operations... I would give a few lessons reviewing the necessary skill for each lesson...then teach the alterative, calculator method...then present the skill and let them learn the skill using whatever method they have mastered to this point. I even ordered checkbooks for them...they LOVED it. I went to a babyshower a few years after I started teaching for one of my former students. She thanked me for teaching her the check writing. Now suddenly "life happened"... rent and car payments..etc. and she knew how to handle it. This girl had a third grade reading and fourth grade math level.By the way, I abandoned the more traditional rote practice books(BORING!) and replaced my Math program with this series. I did Using Dollars and Sense for my second and third grade level.. These books do require application of the four basic operations...But teach it before each skill....give them practice...then keep moving forward...(They will recieve so much practice while keeping the checkbook etc. without even realizing dont need all that rote practice.) My scores jumped and average of a year to a year and a half per year...(For Spec ed thats amazing!!) Some jumped two years! Plus you are incorporating problem solving. I believe it was due to the fact that it was age appropriate and held their interest.
Let's see....Ideas for now without the books.....

I used to bring in all my sale flyers from newspapers and give them a budget....then teach them to calculate sales tax(calculator)....add up orders...etc
Go get a bunch of real menus.....Have them order a meal....add total....then figure tips..(calculator)....When this is mastered....get one of those blank waitress pads and make up orders....They have to see if they are getting ripped off or not....They loved this. (teams at first)
You can practice this with money exchanges too...bring in real stuff...(if allowed) cupcakes, gum, taffies....They give change...sometimes correct...sometimes not....
I know this doesnt seem like math...but teach them about telemarketers....and how to avoid these traps. Our kids get reeled in so easily....Explain how lines like "only a dollar a day" translate..." and key words to watch out for....Explain what interest is ( if they are not at the point to understand it...just explain what terms involving interest mean for them....fixed vs variable...)
CREDIT CARDS....a MUST.....teach them the pitfalls......explain how they work.......This is all so important, as ANYONE can get one now....our kids get reeled intot his trap as well....Bring in old credit cards ( hide numbers if you are worried...or bring in the sample from your junk mail....Bring in real, old statements...whiting out private info of course.....or using black they can examine what it looks like....Bring in your junk mail credit card offers.....these are a a gold mine ( white out info you dont want to expose) Many just say resident anyway....Well....Hope this helps you out. Good luck!!!!

Kristina Said:

Education Help for 3rd grader?

We Answered:

writing isnt tested until fourth

needs to do math calculator active and calcutor inactive.
just lots of problem solving word problems = gets [points for showing work and drawing pictures

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