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2nd Grade Math Lesson Plans

Claudia Said:

Rhyming Lesson Plans?

We Answered:

With the students, write a story (language arts) about three pollywogs (science, metamorphosis) and how they change into frogs, shedding tails and growing legs (math, counting by twos)

you can write a story together, then each child can illustrate it, and make it into a book

Here's one I just made up:

Three pollywogs, swimming by fallen logs.

Deep in a pond so blue, unseen by me or you.

Three pollywogs, three bodies, three tails
When they start to change, it never fails

First no legs, then two, then four.
First they had a tail, then no more!

Now there's three frogs sitting on a log.
Making more noise than junkyard dog!

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