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How To Learn Spanish Fast

Scott Said:

how could i learn spanish fast using free online software. I was thinking of also using LA's demographics?

We Answered:

The best way I know to learn Spanish fast is to start with Interlingua. It worked really well for me. First, you can learn Interlingua in a short time. Castellina discovered that people learned it so well in six days that they could write texts in Interlingua. The average might be closer to 15 days for English speakers, but that's still very fast. And my own experience bears it out, because I was practically fluent in a couple of weeks.

After you learn Interlingua, you can learn many other languages quickly. This has been documented most thoroughly with languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French – any Romance language – which you can learn about twice as fast as usual. When I learned Interlingua, my Spanish seemed to pour into my head! It works with other languages as well.

So you save a lot of time and effort in the long run. Basically, you're giving yourself the advantage that jcd mentioned. You're whisking through your second language and moving right on to your third, related language. Interlingua also helps you to understand your own language better – why words mean what they do, and so on.

Clifton Said:

How can i learn spanish fast ?

We Answered:

i suggest you higher a private tutor who can teach you common phrases. also there are books at barnes and nobles which offer cook phrase hand guide.

John Said:

How do I learn spanish fast?

We Answered:

Well, if you're really interesting in learning Spanish, you could probably look up a few good free online courses on the web. There are many out there.

Another good way would be to pick up an English-Spanish dictionary. They may be slow, but after a while, you'll get the hang of the language.

Probably the best way to learn the language, however, is to emerse yourself in it more. For example, I'm learning Japanese, and I've found that watching shows and listening to music in Japanese has taught me a lot more than any book or online course has. Maybe find a Spanish musical artist to listen to, or find someone to talk to that speaks native Spanish and very little English. This is a good way to try and force yourself to remember and put together whatever you might already know.

Nathaniel Said:

How do i learn Spanish fast?!?!?!?!?

We Answered:

the most important things you need to have, to learn any language are DETERMINATION and WILL, if you hve them , it will be a piece of cake =)

the best way would be taking courses in any school or something. online you can go and there are courses for free, you can chat with people that are learning spanish, english...

i think the best way to learn a language is through the music, cause you learn not only a lot of new words but the pronunciation too.
Try to watch tv in spanish, so, you're ear is getting use to it and you`ll understand it easily

there are different kinds of spanish, from Spain,Colombian, Argentina, Mèxico,
if you wanna learn spanish from Colombia go to yahoo answers from Colombia and you'll see the way the talk,etc.

i hope you learn it, it's a beautiful language

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