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How To Learn Maths

Harold Said:

Is it difficult to learn maths?

We Answered:

Girls are usually a bit more logical and analytical than guys at math. You should have no trouble. But it sounds like you missed out on a few basic concepts somewhere that restrict your understanding despite all the practice. Get a tutor to go through the basics with you, just to make sure you understand the building blocks. And of course, keep practicing.

Barry Said:

How to learn maths intuitively?

We Answered:

not useful just practice well
chhose me bad if you wish

Jimmie Said:

How to learn faster maths?

We Answered:

If you want to learn Maths you need to love it first. And after that it depend on you

Heidi Said:

how on earth can I learn maths for a GED test by june?

We Answered:

Try the mathtv website. They have videos where they have professors run through different problems. They have videos covering addition to calculus and it's free.

Erik Said:

How can i learn Maths again?

We Answered:

I'm also relearning Math again ! I've started with Algebra which was very difficult/hard for me in high school. I think the Algebra teacher was a sadist ! I think you start from the known to the unknown. There are very many free Math websites in the internet. You can start with the basics and continue on to the hard stuff. Good luck !

Gordon Said:

-What can I do to learn maths better?

We Answered:

well, your teacher goes by a book... right? and if (s)he goes straight through the book, then you know what she will do next week ( the next section in the book). What I did, and now I love math (1st year in an architecture university) is simply go ahead of the teacher. Look in the book and read the section (s)he will do. Do a couple of problems, and then, when the teacher is talking about the subject in class, you know exactly what (s)he is talking about. Also, if there are problems in the book, you should do those to build your speed on that section, so on the exams you finish in half the time because you know what is going on immediatly

Sometimes, tutors are not the answer... yes I tutor, but that is just to get the money. I don't seriously recommend it to anyone, unless you REALLY don't get it after going ahead, doing the problems, etc...

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