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How To Learn Math

Andy Said:

How can I learn math word problems to teach my child for homework?

We Answered:

The beauty of word problems is that they relate to the real world: they involve things that you can see and touch, which means you can use your experience and common sense in addition to math. If it's the "math part" that's giving you trouble, try forgetting for a moment that a word problem is asking you to solve a math problem, and instead concentrate on the real-world meaning behind it.

One way to teach yourself how to solve word problems is to invent some yourself as you go through your day, using the objects or situations around you. Then try to solve them, paying attention to their "real world-ness," and thinking about whether your answer is reasonable. Start with simple ones, and then make them more complicated as you become more comfortable solving them. And you can even turn it into a game that you and your daughter can play together.

Some examples:

• In the grocery store, you see that cans of soup cost $1.10 each. How many can you buy for $10? Well, if they were $1.00 each, you could buy 10. But they're a little more expensive than that, so you can't buy quite that many. You can buy 9 cans for $9.90.

• If you buy the 9 cans of soup and pay with a $50 bill, how much change will you receive? That would be $50 - $9.90 = $40.10 change.

• If you eat one can of soup and one serving of crackers, how many grams of sodium will you consume? What percentage of the US RDA would that be? (You'll have to read the labels to figure that out, but you'll gain an appreciation for low-sodium foods!)

Usually, the challenge of a word problem is "translating" the English into an equation, especially if it seems complicated. But again, if you concentrate on what the problem is asking, it will become easier with practice. Let's try a more complicated one so you can see the thought process:

• Judy is 4 years older than Max. In 10 years, their ages will total 40. How old are they now? Let's discuss the solution in English, following the problem step by step.

First, we'll choose a variable to stand for the simplest piece of information that was given to us. That would be Max's age today. How do we know that Max's age is "simpler" than Judy's? Because the problem tells us Judy's age in relation to Max. In other words, if we let "M" be Max's age today, we can write an equation to represent Judy's age today. So far, so good.

The next sentence in the problem describes their ages 10 years from now, so we'll need to figure out how old they'll each be in 10 years. Once we've done that, we'll add them together and set the total equal to 40. That will give us an equation we can solve for M, so we'll know Max's age today. And, finally, once we know Max's age, we'll be able to calculate Judy's age.

So let's try the math:
Max's age today = M.
Since Judy is 4 years older, her age must be M+4.
In 10 years, Max's age will be M+10.
In 10 years, Judy's age will be (M+4) + 10 = M+14.
And 10 years from now, the sum of their ages will be (M+10) + (M+14) = 2M + 24.
The problem tells us the sum of their ages
  2M + 24 = 40
  2M = 16
    M = 8
This means Max is 8 years old today.
We know Judy is 4 years older, so she's 8 + 4 = 12 years old today.
So, if Max is 8 and Judy is 12 today, then in 10 years they'll be 18 and 22 and the sum of their ages will be 18 + 22 = 40.

Good luck -- and have fun with it!

Judy Said:

How do I encourage my daughter to learn math, she simply refuse to learn – study,?

We Answered:

Nina has some great suggestions - basically make math fun! Use manipulatives - toothpicks, blocks, etc to help her visualize. Something you might consider - and not to scare you, but could your daughter have a learning problem making school harder than normal? I would talk to her teachers about this, since they have a lot of experience with a wide range of kids.

If your daughter is just being stubborn, then you need to add some creativity to make learning fun. You also can work out an incentive chart - like for instance, when she does her homework without complaining, she gets a star. After 5 or 10 stars (you decide) then she gets a treat, such as you take her to the zoo, or local museum, or park, or she can have a friend sleepover. Let her choose the treat from a list you create.

Your goal is to make homework time not one of nagging and struggling, but rather let her take responsibility for doing the work. This will be important when she is older. You might also consider letting her fail for one marking period. Remind her once about homework, but don't nag, and let the consequence of bad grades happen - and see what response that gets from teacher and her. But, before you do this, talk to your daughter's teacher, so that he/she is aware of what you are doing.

Education is the most precious gift we can give our children, and I commend you for your concern and diligence!

Dale Said:

What's the best way to learn math on my own?

We Answered:

Yes there are plenty of books and other resources you can try out to learn math...

You can use a search engine like to find FREE instructional materials:…… has a whole bunch of books, DVDs and learning aids for Calculus, Trigonometry and Statistics:

Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus…



There are many DVDs for learning math:…

You can also check out your local library to see if they have these books and DVDs.

Also YouTube has a whole bunch of tutorials for Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics and almost anything else you can think of:…………

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Alan Said:

how do i learn math and ect faster?pls anwser and how do u learn ?

We Answered:

The thing with math, and i know you don't want to hear this, is practice.
Doing it on a regular basis will make your brain quicker and better with solving problems, your brain can kick math *** if you put some effort in.
Also very important5 is to ask a lot of Q's in class. Don't feel like an idiot, half of the class wanted to ask the same question!

Ray Said:

How can i learn math on a higher level than i am now?

We Answered:

Haha me too I told my mom this and she bought me sone grade 9 algebra books at some store I know you by them at Costco

Gertrude Said:

Where are some good comprehensive websites were I can learn and review math(Basic math, and Algebra)?

We Answered:

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