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How To Learn French Fast

Francisco Said:

How Can I Learn French Fast Without The Stupid Expensive Software!!?

We Answered:

Don't have a perfect answer for you, but there must be a lot of sites on the internet that are free. Also try listening to You tube in French.

Florence Said:

how to learn french fast? :)?

We Answered:

Hey get Byki! It's a free language learning program- it's fun and actually kind of addictive. It DEFINITELY helps with school. They have lists of words you can learn, and you can even create your own lists. Good stuff, two thumbs up.

It also remembers what words you have trouble on and then helps you with them!

Nathan Said:

how do i learn french fast???

We Answered:

This may sound mad but I found that it helped for me. I used to talk to myself (not out loud) and explain to myself what I was doing or thinking in my target language. i.e. "Where is my pencil? Oh, never mind, here's a pen. Ok, let's sit down and write the address on the envelope. Oops! Where's that address? It must be in the drawer." etc. You do that every day and you'll find a greater fluidity in your speech pattern.

Angela Said:

Is it possible to learn fluent french in just 1 1/2~2 years? How can I learn fast and in an effective way?

We Answered:

Yes with these conditions.

1. You are fluent in English
2. You've studied a second language

If you meet these conditions, you can speak, understand and write French fluently within 1 year.

When you don't understand a word, you can ask for its definition.

How to do it? Two ways, my way or highway.

My way: Find a friend or someone who's willing to speak French with you everyday for one year. I assure you that you'll speak fluently in French. Proof: I speak with my wife in Spanish all the times for about 8 months.

Highway: You do it yourself. lol

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