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How Children Learn

Arlene Said:

Why do young children learn a language faster than an adult?

We Answered:

Because even as a baby you are very curious and babies pick up things because their head is pretty much blank and doesn't have anything holding them back from learning.

Dawn Said:

How do children learn the meanings of words the best?

We Answered:

I think most is just interaction with the everyday world. They start to see what you call a tiger vs a dog and look to understand the differences. Talking to them while you go about your everyday life is the best option. They pick up things you would not even imagine. It's the same when you say this is a cat. Then you say this is a black cat, and that is a grey cat. They look for the difference and recognize it, to remember it for the future.

Allan Said:

When should children learn how to tie their shoes?

We Answered:

make him a tie box, cover a shoe box or tissue box in bright paper or something he likes, punch 2 holes in it and thread a wide ribbon through it, he just may not be able to feel the strings in his hands good, have you tried the bunny ears? do the first cross over and make "bunny ears" for loops then have the bunny go in hole and pop back out, dont get frustrated he will learn in his own time

Ruby Said:

How can parents expect their children to learn patience if they themselves have a quick temper ?

We Answered: is a bit tricky...i have got two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is the eldest.I was quite a laid back person and easy going before i had my children . Due to unforseen events i have became a single parent after a very turbulent relationship...i have became very short tempered with my kids, even though after i tell them off, i regret it, I now started to see bits of me in my daughter , as you all know, at this age they try to imitate your behaviour...i suppose you really have to work on yourself to show them the right way to be, and think before you act , because , in the end , they are learning from you, the good, and the bad...

Janet Said:

How do children learn bad crime and violence by video games?

We Answered:

No I don't. Lets say, the child plays a violent game. And DOESN'T like it, that means that the child is most likely UN-confrontational Or gentle and not prone to violence. If the child plays one, and DOES like it, he was violent to begin with. And probably confrontational,

Also, parenting comes into question. The child had to be violent before he played the video game in order to like it, which probably means he was exposed to something beforehand. Before video game comprehension.

If you think its a problem for children, then don't let them play it. Theirs a rating for a reason. Don't go rambunctiously bashing game studios and the media for justice when it's your own damn fault for letting the kid play the game.

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