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Holt Online Learning

Milton Said:

Whats The KeyCode In Holt Online Learning For a French TextBook Allez Viens?

We Answered:

I don't know anything about that particular book, but from my experience a "Key Code" is a specific code you purchase with the book that gives one person (you- if you bought it) access to the online features. You probably won't be able to just use someone else's key code.

Louise Said:

I need a Holt, Rinehart & Winston Algebra 1 Keyword.?

We Answered:

there is no answer in the algebra book. already looked


Deanna Said:

Holt Online Learning password and username?

We Answered:

im soooo sorry but ive never even heard of this.....

mine plz??
its looong…

Janet Said:

What is a Holt online learning key code or user name and pass for Expresate Spanish 3?

We Answered:


Dwayne Said:

math hw? if u help ill answer ALL of your questions!?

We Answered:

ok brb

theres no questions on p. 505
are u sure u got to right page

7. this is not an angle this is a line 180 deg.
8. 138 deg.
11.perpendicular ec and eb
13. ad
14. ac because not all sides are equal because not all sides are equal

Michael Said:

Can Someone explain Colloids, Suspensions, and Solutions at a 6th grade level?

We Answered:


A colloid is a type of mixture intermediate between a homogeneous mixture (also called a solution) and a heterogeneous mixture with properties also intermediate between the two.

The particles in a colloid can be solid, liquid or bubbles of gas. The medium that they are suspended in can be a solid, liquid or gas (although gas colloids cannot be suspended in gas).


A suspension is a mixture between two substances, one of which is finely divided and dispersed in the other. Common suspensions include sand in water, dust in air, and droplets of oil in air. Particles in a suspension are larger than those in a solutions; they are visible under a microscope and can often be seen with the naked eye. Particles in a suspension will settle out if the suspension is allowed to stand undisturbed. Many particles of a suspension can be separated through a filter. An example of a simple suspension would be flour in water, or sand in water.


A solution is a mixture of one substance dissolved in another so the properties are the same throughout. A solution is composed of a solute and the solvent. The solute is the substance being dissolved and the solvent is the part of the solution that does the dissolving. The solute is of molecular size.

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zoey said:

what is the user name and password for holt science book (water on earth) for 7th grade. and can somebody tell me what is the meaning of gradient